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Paddling Magazine celebrates life on the water. Filled with compelling adventure stories, expert advice and destination ideas, Paddling Magazine brings you the people, politics, expeditions and gear that kayakers, canoeists, whitewater boaters and standup paddleboarding enthusiasts want to know about.


Special How-To-Do-Everything Issue: Discover 80 essentials skills for whitewater, canoe, kayak and SUP, including: master your roll, be tougher than a voyager, survive at sea, never get lost, escape a bear attack, crush every portage, and brainwash your kids into paddling forever.


Discover 107 epic canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding adventures you’ve been waiting two years for. In this issue: Toughest father-daughter canoe trip, ever. Plus: Perfect sleeping pads, best lifejackets for dogs and the problem with explorers today.


The 2021 Paddling Buyer’s Guide is the world’s largest canoe, kayak, SUP and kayaking fishing gear guide. Inside you discover hundreds of the best boats, boards, paddles, PFDs and accessories. Stop wondering what to add to your wish list—here’s what you need to make 2021 your best year on the water ever.


In the Fall 2020 issue of Paddling Magazine, we solve the greatest campfire debates, land a kayak on the moon, learn how to canoe on Jell-O, and discover Kevin Callan’s secret honey hole. Plus, explorer Frank Wolf brings us on a steamy European (canoe) vacation, and contrarian columnist Brain Day asks: Do boat specs even matter?

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In this issue we explore the top destinations, experiences and operators fuelling your paddlelust for the year ahead. Canoe the Grand Canyon, raise a glass for Canada’s newest annual paddling race, throw down at the best whitewater parks in America, build DIY roof racks and demystify the creek race advantage. 


This year’s guide features 258 pages of the best kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, whitewater and fishing boats, boards, gear, apparel, and accessories. It’s landed in mailboxes and on newsstands and is now available to read online. 


WHAT PADDLERS WANT: Hot new gear for road tripping, backcountry camping, wilderness cooking and gadget geekery. 10 PERFECT TRIPS: The top destinations for kayakers, canoeists and paddleboarders— as chosen by Google and you. BOAT TEST: Northstar’s bold B16.

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Paddling Magazine’s special trip guide issue is home to 137 new ideas for adventure—you’re going to need a longer bucket list!


Why your hatches hold the secret to happiness, Pelican’s ridiculous whitewater paddleboat pro team, the real problem with rudders and the coming big ash crisis. Find out why two brothers portage to Mount Everest, discover the greatest rafting and skiing adventure ever told and Kevin Callan dishes on dumb ways to die. Expedition photography essentials, all-new touring kayak paddles, and best new inflatable PFDs.


This year’s best gear: Canoes, Sea Kayaks, Standup Paddleboards, Whitewater boats, Recreational kayaks, Paddles & PFDs, Outerwear & apparel, Accessories and more…


Mike Ranta Shows You How To Whittle A Canoe, Why Mexico Is The Ultimate Destination For Kayakers, The Unspoken Rules Of Good Trip Etiquette, Eddy Harris On His Mississippi Solo Paddling Trip, 8 Essentials For SUP Expedition Racing, Why Paddler Bill Mason’s Legacy Will Never Die, How Risk Management Is Sucking The Life From Kids’ Paddling Trips.

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