Why River Trips Give Our Life Meaning

Jeff Jackson has the answer to every and any existential crisis.

The Intangible Truth About The Meaning Of Real Adventure

There’s a thin blue line a dozen miles from my house on satellite photos. It is insignificant enough it...

2020 Was A Record Breaking Year For All The...

I’m excited for spring, and I’m sure you are too. With a year of COVID-19 behind us, we have...

New Flush Drowning Research For Kayakers

I've had my share of swims, as I’m sure you have too. Especially in the early days when my...

Eddy Harris On His Mississippi Solo Paddling Trip

We discover there is always more to river trips than just the river trip.

Why You Should Always Wear A PFD

Zipping shut the debate on when it's appropriate to wear a PFD
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