Mike Ranta’s 6 Steps To Build Miniature Canoes

Spend 60-minutes handcrafting a tiny prospector for someone with big dreams.

How To Make Your Own Voyageur Hat

“The sap is still running,” beams Mike Ranta as he licks his finger clean of the sticky, sweet ooze. Canada’s...

Skills: DIY Upgrades

Canoes don’t stay the same forever. Wear, different paddling conditions and changing needs can all call for modifications. Many...

Video: DIY Campfire Starters—Tested

Arriving at your campsite after a day of hard paddling calls for a comforting fire. In the backcountry fire...

Six Coolest Ways To Repurpose A Canoe

Don’t worry—we aren’t advocating turning your precious Pocket Canyon into a shelf or your lovingly restored cedar-strip canoe into...

How To Make The Perfect DIY First Aid Kit

Without customization, your first aid kit is potentially just a heavy and bulky piece of junk. Yes, you read...

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