Justin Barbour And Saku The Dog Cross Newfoundland

In 2017, Justin Barbour along with his trusted sidekick Saku set out on a 68-day expedition across Newfoundland. Newfoundland...

Kalob Grady’s 2017/2018 Highlight Reel

  Kalob Grady is a professional kayaker and head kayaking coach at World Class Academy. When he isn't shaping the...

Dane Jackson’s 2018 Highlight Reel

Dane Jackson had another year packed with kayaking adventures. We saw numerous photos and video clips from trips to...

How Emre Bosut Is Building A SUP-Surf Paradise

Emre Bosut is building this paradise for everyone who loves the water.

Why Paddler Bill Mason’s Legacy Will Never Die

Bill’s enduring memory has to do with the fact his message was never just about canoeing.

Wild Women Paddling And Adventure Tours

From small-time outfitter to international adventure tour operator.

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