Nouria Newman’s Scary Experience On Solo Expedition In India

In 2018, kayaking world champion Nouria Newman set out on a solo kayak expedition in the Ladakh region of...

SEND Crew Takes On The Biggest Waterfalls In Chile

Pro kayakers Dane Jackson, Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern and Kalob Grady head to Chile as they chase the biggest waterfalls...

Nouria Newman Takes On Patagonia’s 3 Toughest Rivers

Nouria Newman says that she has always been drawn to Patagonia because of how far away it is from...

Quit Your Day Job And Paddle

As children, our growing brains are fascinating by everything around us. For those of us lucky enough to grow...

Pro Kayakers vs. Whirlpools

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pair up world-class kayakers with some of the most powerful whirlpools...

Justin Barbour And Saku The Dog Cross Newfoundland

In 2017, Justin Barbour along with his trusted sidekick Saku set out on a 68-day expedition across Newfoundland. Newfoundland...

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