Best Paddling Gear for 2020 – Drysuits, Dry Tops...

Discover the best drysuits and paddling apparel from Level Six, NRS, and Gul North Performance Apparel. Whether you're looking...

3 Canoeing Couture Essentials

Timeless summer fashion for the outdoor women on the move.

Fresh Look: Kokatat Session Jacket And Pants

Kokatat has some great new apparel products for 2018. They introduced a new fabric called hydrus 2.5 that is...

7 Cold Water Paddling Essentials

If you live in a region with tough winters, the paddling season can seem far too short. It can...

Gear Preview: Level Six Chilko

Long before I could afford a drysuit, I saved up for a quality paddling jacket. Today, descendants of this jacket...

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