Kaydi Pyette

Kaydi Pyette is the managing editor of Paddling Magazine.

The Scary Truth About Surviving Capsizing In Cold Water

Early and late season canoe trips mean more tranquility and less of the three Bs: bugs, boats and bodies. No wonder we love them. In most of canoe country,...

Adirondack Canoe Trips: Paddle The Floodwood Pond Loop, NY

The Floodwood Pond Loop is an excellent backcountry trip for folks just breaking into the sport of canoe tripping or for seasoned paddlers looking to visit the North Adirondack...

Unleashing The Dreamer

Next time you’re out on a clear, moonless night, look up. In the darkest skies of wilderness areas across North America, Yale University astronomers estimate you might be able...

8 Steps To The Ultimate Canoe Bike Trailer Rig

Easy steps to bring everything you need for your adventure.

How To Fly Hassle-Free With A Kayak

Find out how to fly with your most prized possession with ease.

Boat Review: H2O Voyageur 17 Canoe

The 49-pounds ultra tough river tripper

Boat Review: H2O Prospector 15-4 Canoe

When H2O Canoe Company owner, Jeff Hill, dropped off a fleet of three Prospectors at Paddling Magazine’s riverside office, there was one design that immediately caught my eye: the...

Boat Review: Nova Craft Bob Special

It was way back in 1905 when the Chestnut Canoe Company first introduced what would become one of the most popular and enduring canoe designs of all time—the 50-Pound-Special....

Review: Mad River Canoe Explorer 16

In October 2020, Canadian boatbuilder Swift Canoe and Kayaks will take over manufacturing Mad River Canoe’s bestselling design, the Explorer 16, in two composite layups. Mad River Canoe’s  Explorer 16 Length:...