Video: How To Read Whitewater

Whitewater can seem chaotic and hard to understand when you first tackle it. But with a little practice, reading...

Traffic Rules For Paddlers

Traffic Rules For Paddlers | Safer Paddling Series: Episode 6 | Rapid Media In partnership with the U.S. Coastguard and...

Understanding Weather-Cocking And Skegs

Bill Vonnegut is an ACA Level 5 instructor and teaches for River & Ocean, including regular rock garden classes and ocean...

Video: Navigation 101

An oldie but a goodie - watch above to see the second episode in a series on sea kayaking...

Gear Preview: Navigation Essentials

A map and compass—and the skills to use them—are the key to the success of any orienteering-themed race. Protect...

Video: Marine VHF Radio Essentials

Every open water paddler should carry and know how to use a marine VHF radio for routine and emergency...

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