A Legendary 43-Year Family Canoe Story

800 miles of secrets from the inside passage

One Family Takes On The Appalachian Trail

Over the course of five months, my seven-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son walked the entire length of the Appalachian...

Having the Talk: 8 Things to Ask Before Tripping...

Every paddler knows—there’s nothing like going on a multi-day trip to really get to know someone. Tripping together can...

Profile: All In The Family

In 1965 Werner Furrer used a piece of plywood, some glue, varnish and wooden dowels made for the clothes...

Family Camping: Playing the Futures

I was 10 years old during the severe economic recession of the early 1980s. The unemployment rate was the...

Family Camping: Sticks and Stones

“Mr. MacGregor?” A short, stern-looking woman wearing a lab coat and holding a clipboard motioned me into a small...

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