6 Life Jackets For Paddlers On A Budget

Keep your head up with new and stylish life jackets.

Buying a SUP: The Ultimate Guide

So, you’re ready to buy a paddleboard. The explosive growth and relative infancy of SUP means there are dozens...

Why A New Boat Won’t Make You Happier

On a scale from one to 10, how much happier would you be if you could buy any boat...

Buying a Sea Kayak: Careful Of These 5 Mistakes

Don't make these mistakes, buy the best for you.

6 Ways For Whitewater Kayakers To Save Money

We love everything about whitewater kayaking. We love packing the car, loading the boats, the first snap of pulling...

Stop Thinking, Buy the Kayak

My friend, Larry, pined over the purchase of a new kayak for more than two years. We spoke about...

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