8 Expert Tips For A Fly-In Canoe Adventure

How to be a perfect passenger and avoid fly-in fiascos.

7 Essential Items For Kayak Road Trips

Sometimes the best trips happen on a whim. Get home from work Friday afternoon. Pack your car and head...

Steve Ruskay’s Arctic Ice Paddling Kit

Paddlers have been navigating icy waters since Inuit hunters created the sea kayak thousands of years ago. Paddling from...

Planning Your Kayaking Trip

Planning Your Trip | Safer Paddling Series: Episode 5 | Rapid Media In partnership with the U.S. Coastguard and the...

Top five places to work as a river guide...

Turquoise water, tropical canyons, an international trip lined with world-renowned rivers—it’s what whitewater dreams are made of. If you’re...

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