10 Tips To Survive On A Family Canoe Trip

Michael Lanza has written 10 Commandments on how to survive on lengthy family canoe trips.

7 Expert Tips For Filming An Epic Paddling Adventure...

Justine Curgenven shares these simple tips on how to create your very own epic paddling adventure movie.

The Secret To Hassle-Free Flying With Your Kayak

Find out how to fly with your most prized possession with ease.

Kayak Gear and Accessories: Everything You Need To Go...

Akayak and the right kayak gear and accessories allow you to be in the great outdoors and on the...

7 Steps To Plan Your Dream Canoe Trip

Adventurer Frank Wolf shares his advice on how to turn your expedition fantasy into an epic reality.

5 Steps To Plan An Epic Kayak Expedition

Your kayak can take you places most people will never see. Going into unknown and less traveled locations and...

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