How to tie a canoe to your vehicle

Putting a canoe on your car is an important step for successfully making it to the put-in. Whether you...

Rapid Running Paddling Tricks For Tandem Trippers

Use these tricks to glide on with your paddling pals.

Video: Back Deck Carry With Swimmer Assisted Tow

It’s always fun to play around in kayaks, jump into the water and try various ways of doing things....

3 Awesome Canoe Tripping Strokes

Paddling a canoe can be cumbersome and wear you out if you aren't using the proper strokes. The video...

How To Ferry Your Kayak In Current

Ferrying is a way to cross a river with current. It is an important skill to learn because it...

How to Gain Control By Running Rapids With Cross...

In this video the Aquabatics Calgary team explain and demonstrate how to 'get off the freight train' of running...

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