The Real Reason Why Paddling Progress Can’t Be Rushed

You don't become a master by rushing through the basics.

30 Essential River Running Skills

Want get more thrills out of your next whitewater run with less worry and hassle along the way? We’ve...

3 Pros On How To Perfect Your Kayak Roll

Nothing is more confidence-inspiring than a reliable kayak roll. With good instruction many new paddlers learn the basics and...

Learn How To Predict Tidal Currents For Sea Kayaking

Ocean sea kayaking trips that take place in areas that are subject to significant tidal current activity require consultation...

Learn The Sea Kayak Bow Draw

The bow draw, also known as the bow rudder, is an efficient and elegant turning stroke that provides remarkably...

How To Do A Low Brace In A Canoe

The low brace is incredibly effective at preventing you from capsizing to your onside in a canoe. It allows...
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