Ian Merringer

6 Of The Best Lake Ontario Beaches For Paddling

Everyone knows Lake Ontario is a Great Lake. But the capitalization that goes along with that designation can obscure the fact it’s also just a plain old great lake....

How to decide between blue barrel and canoe pack

The Official Scorecard Comfort No amount of money spent on barrel harnesses can overcome the physics that make a canoe pack more comfortable. Canoe packs are flatter, so the weight is...

The World Of Whitewater’s First Semi-Pro Pedal Boater

The Whitewater pedal-boat story of Caleb Roberts and Marc Godbout.

Paddling With The Experience Of Age

The radical rise of the septuagenarian adventurer.

8 Expert Tips For A Fly-In Canoe Adventure

How to be a perfect passenger and avoid fly-in fiascos.

Tom Thomson’s Limited Edition Canoes

Langford Canoes builds eight commemorative canvas canoes dedicated to the artist.

Editorial: One Carry Wonder

Something valuable from my child- hood canoe trips has been lost. It’s not the Swiss Army knife my dad gave me when I was nine (that’s lost too, but...

Secrets of the Marathon Canoeist

Few paddles are capable of what marathon canoe racers do every other weekend—keeping pace through a 1,000-mile  course, enduring both grinding monotony and gruelling pain  and winning sprint finishes...