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Paddling Buyer’s Guide

Over the past few years, standup paddleboarding has grown in popularity and expanded into a growing number of households thanks to companies like Body Glove who make it convenient to toss a rolled-up inflatable paddleboard into a grocery cart on a big-box retail run. It’s through this strategy that Body Glove’s 11-foot Performer iSUP model become the top-selling paddleboard in the world in 2020, retailing at $499 CAD and changing paddleboarding from a niche sport to a recreational family activity.

With a mission to innovate, inspire and create happiness on the water, Body Glove standup paddleboards are family-friendly paddleboards with good stability and durability, fun colors, an integrated water bottle and paddle holder, and offer kid specific and tandem paddleboards for shared paddling experiences on board together. Body Glove paddleboards are a great choice for fitness enthusiasts, for paddling with kids or dogs, for taking a yoga practice onto the water and for surfing waves.

Check The Weather
  • Plan for changing weather conditions. Prepare for the worst case.
  • Don’t forget to check tide, currents, or river levels.

Body Glove paddleboards are targeted toward entry-level and intermediate paddlers looking for an affordable price and are becoming the brand of choice for recreational paddlers with a BJs Wholesale Club or Costco membership. Body Glove paddleboards are also sold through the Body Glove website, Atmosphere and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Body Glove is a well-known American company that was founded by the Meistrell brothers in 1953 after the brothers developed wetsuits to keep them warm while playing along the coast of California. Body Glove is recognizable globally for its wetsuits and also sells swimwear, paddleboards, surfboards, inflatable kayaks and other water accessories. Body Glove was acquired by Marquee Brands in 2016 and since 2022 they have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every paddleboard sold.

man standing on a Body Glove paddleboard in front of trees and distant mountains
Photo: Courtesy Body Glove

The Body Glove line of paddleboards includes over 20 models which are designed for various on-water adventures and range from 8 feet to 15 feet in length. Body Glove standup paddleboard models include a kids’ paddleboard, paddleboard-kayak hybrids called SUPYAKS, tandem SUPYAKS, pedal drive SUPYAKS, multiperson boards and a yoga and fitness board. Body Glove paddleboards can be used by novice to advanced paddlers for recreational paddling, playing on the water, fishing, tandem touring, and even for wake surfing or being towed behind a motorized boat.

Body Glove offers two composite rigid board models while the remainder of the Body Glove standup paddleboard line is comprised of inflatable paddleboards, called iSUPs. The Body Glove iSUPs are sold in a package which includes a three-piece aluminum adjustable paddle, a hand pump for inflation, a safety leash, a cellphone dry pouch, repair kit and a backpack for easy storage and transportation.

The word that comes to mind to describe Body Glove paddleboards is friendly. Between the fun branding and color scheme, the environmentally friendly and plastic-free packaging, the comprehensive user manual and board features (such as a paddle attachment in the carry handle), Body Glove has created a beginner-friendly set-up to welcome new paddlers into the sport.

Body Glove offers an accessible and fast customer service system through which you can text your questions to Body Glove and receive a quick and detailed response back. The Body Glove adjustable paddles are labeled with the recommended paddle length for your height, to remove any guesswork and ensure improved paddle technique.

Some key features of Body Glove standup paddleboards are a bumper under the nose of the board to protect it on beach landings, a GoPro mount, triple-layer side rails to strengthen and protect the edges and D-rings for gear attachment points. Body Glove paddleboards also have adjustable bungee tiedowns, an integrated towing clip at the front for unique towing capability, and carbon-reinforced stringers on the top and bottom of the boards to add strength and rigidity.

In my opinion, one of the most user-friendly features on the Body Glove models is that the central neoprene and velcro carry handle can be used to secure down a water bottle while paddling or the paddle while carrying the board. The Body Glove paddleboards generally lack carry handles at the nose and tail of the boards, and don’t feature removable fins and a long centre fin for improved tracking.

The warranty on Body Glove paddleboards is one year and is extended by an additional year at no additional cost upon registering the paddleboard at

Top picks: Best Body Glove paddleboards for 2024

The following Body Glove paddleboards have received the highest star ratings by reviewers in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide. See and review all Body Glove paddleboards here.

Shop Body Glove paddleboards

A stroll through a big box store isn’t going to tell you everything you’ll want to know about Body Glove paddleboards before you put your money down. To start your search, browse through our Paddling Buyer’s Guide to take a peek at the specifications, prices, and reviews online of the models available. The Body Glove standup paddleboards listed here include models that aren’t sold at wholesale locations.

For guidance on what to look for when choosing between the length of paddleboard, the activity that the paddleboard will be used for, or the number of people that will be paddling the board at once head to the paddleboard buying advice section of this article.

Shopping for a used Body Glove paddleboard?

There are sure to be many used Body Glove paddleboards on the market as they’ve been in circulation for a few years now and have been sold in high volumes. While buying a used Body Glove paddleboard will certainly get you a deal and a lower price than buying new, the savings won’t be as big as you would get if you were purchasing a used paddleboard that was higher end with a more expensive retail price. So while there is still a savings advantage to purchasing a used Body Glove standup paddleboard, consider whether you’d like to invest a little more to purchase a new board and get the warranty as well.

When considering a used Body Glove paddleboard it’s important to check the integrity of the board by inflating it and ensuring that it holds pressure, in addition to looking over the seams and deckpad for any damage or bubbling. Some of the Body Glove standup paddleboards have dark graphics and coloring, which makes the paddleboard more susceptible to heat damage.

The dark colors absorb heat and can cause seams to burst as well as cause the material itself to deteriorate. Look the board over for sun damage, including color fading, and confirm that the previous owner had stowed the paddleboard in the shade. If there are signs of sun damage it might be best to pass on the purchase, since the integrity of the board could be compromised.

Wear The Appropriate Leash When Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • A leash should be worn to keep your SUP with you when you fall off. An ankle leash is appropriate for surfing, but not on rivers, in swift currents or any conditions where being tied to the board could prove dangerous. For those activities, use a quick-release leash that attaches to your life jacket.

In 2021, package upgrades to the Body Glove standup paddleboards included a mount at the nose of the board for camera installation, an oval paddle shaft for better ergonomic grip, translucent leashes to match board colors and a tow clip at the nose for the option to tow the paddleboard behind motorized boats.

The fins on Body Glove boards prior to 2018 are quite rubbery and flexible and manufactured at a lower quality. Since 2018, the fins on Body Glove standup paddleboard models have been improved with sturdier, rigid plastic.

Graphics have changed over the years on the deckpads and underside of the Body Glove paddleboards. If specific graphics, or features like a camera mount, tow clip, or rigid fins are important to you then take them into consideration when shopping for a used Body Glove paddleboard.

For more tips on what to look for when selecting a used paddleboard, read our article How To Buy A Used Paddleboard.

Body Glove paddleboard buying guide

With over 20 models of Body Glove standup paddleboards in the 2022 line up you are sure to find a board that catches your eye. To best help you find that board, this section will be broken down into the categories below.

The global favorite 11’ Performer model will be looked at on its own, followed by a general look at different categories corresponding to intended use. Note that all of the categories except the rigid paddleboards are comprised of inflatable paddleboards.

Body Glove 11-foot Performer

Let’s begin with the superstar of the Body Glove lineup—the 11-foot long Performer iSUP. The Performer is the Body Glove standup paddleboard model that draws the most attention and became the top-selling paddleboard in the world in 2020.

The Performer is a stable, all-around or touring board that’s 34 inches wide with a capacity of up to 320 pounds. It features many metal D-rings for gear attachments or cooler tie-downs, a beautiful wood grain pattern, a multi-functional carry handle and water bottle holder, a reinforced nose bumper and a cool mountain deckpad graphic.

For 2022, the Performer was designed to be more stable and faster than the previous model and the package now also includes an electric pump as well as the hand pump. The Performer is a durable board with reinforced rails and a soft and grippy deckpad. For families, wakesurfers and adventure seekers, the Performer is the paddleboard board to take you to inspiring places.

woman carries the Body Glove Performer paddleboard into the water on a tropical beach
Photo: Courtesy Body Glove

All-around Body Glove paddleboards

Body Glove has a handful of options for all-around paddleboards. Boards in the category don’t  typically excel in one particular use, but instead may be used for many different activities such as recreational flatwater paddling, fitness, family fun, gentle surf waves, and for playing at the beach.

There isn’t much variation in the specifications or shapes of the all-around boards as the lengths range from 10.3 feet to 10.5 feet and the weight capacity from 300 to 320 pounds. When choosing between the Navigator Pro, I-Skiff Pro, Cruiser Pro, Solo, Mantra and Alena your choice will likely largely be based on the look of the paddleboard and the design you like best.

Touring Body Glove paddleboards

Body Glove touring paddleboard options range from 10.5 feet to 11 feet in length. Ideally I prefer touring paddleboards to be a minimum of 12.5 feet for longer day trips or overnight adventures but the Performer, Raptor Pro, Mantra and Alena will all do the trick for covering reasonable distances on the water for a few hours at a time. The Mantra has more of an all-around shape while the other three models have a more distinctive touring style shape at the front of the nose.

The Body Glove touring paddleboards each have three rigid, non-detachable fins and multi-functional carry handles. The Performer and Raptor Pro models have more options for accessory or gear attachment with multiple D-ring attachment points and also have a reinforced nose bumper to protect the board from impacts.

Fishing Body Glove paddleboards

If you’re looking for a Body Glove paddleboard that you can take out for your next catch, the Mariner+ was designed with fishing in mind and includes attachment points for fishing accessories like rod holders, an action camera attachment and bungee storage. The SUPYAKs and pedal-drive SUPYAK models which are described below also make good options for both recreational and serious anglers to use as fishing paddleboards.

Kids Body Glove paddleboards

Body Glove offers an 8-foot-long paddleboard for kids called the Grommet which is sure to be a blast on the water. The Grommet is 27 inches wide and holds up to 120 pounds. The Grommet is four inches thick so it is lower to the water and features a bungee tie down and water bottle holder.

Yoga and fitness Body Glove paddleboards

At 10 feet in length and a stable 34 inches in width, the Oasis is the closest Body Glove paddleboard to an inflatable yoga mat. The beautifully patterned deck pad is the full length of the board for good traction while in yoga postures or fitness movements and features innovative and integrated handles at the nose and tail of the board to secure a paddle or hold a water bottle.

I haven’t seen this feature on other paddleboards and overall the Oasis is the Body Glove paddleboard that is at the top of my wishlist for yoga and fitness boards and my favorite of the Body Glove lineup. The Oasis can easily link to other Oasis models as well as the Kayoga model to secure a fleet together as a floating yoga studio.

The Kayoga is a slightly longer yoga and fitness paddleboard model at 10.5 feet in length and (similar to the Oasis) has an action camera attachment, although it also has a little more bungee tie down space for securing gear. The major difference between the Kayoga and Oasis is that the Kayoga is transformable into a kayak by securing on a kayak seat as well as removable footrests on D-ring attachment locations.

SUPYAK Body Glove hybrid paddleboard kayaks

If you can’t decide between paddleboarding and kayaking the good news is that you don’t have to. Body Glove has created four hybrid paddleboard kayak SUPYAK models that let you standup as well as sit down, so you’re able to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Porter SKX is 9.5 feet in length and, along with the 10.5 foot Dynamic model, seems to be the best SUPYAK option for anglers.

The Bullet Pro is a great recreational touring and all-purpose option rated at 300 pounds. The fourth model is the Kayoga, also mentioned above as a yoga and fitness paddleboard. All of the SUPYAKs include kayak and SUP conversion accessories including an adjustable paddle that functions for both paddleboarding and kayaking by swapping out a handle grip for a paddle blade.

Pedal drive Body Glove SUPYAKs

Pedal drive SUPYAKS are hybrid paddleboard kayaks that are powered by foot pedals and are a good choice for fishing or if you are looking for something that can be paddled but also pedalled. The Ripple 9.5-foot model is the shorter design which can be configured with or without the removable high-back kayak seat and pedal drive and has a capacity of up to 280 pounds.

If you are looking to bring kids on board or require more cargo space and bungee tie downs the Body Glove Drive is an 11-foot pedal drive SUPYAK that has a rating of 320 pounds.

Know The Local Hazards
  • Check navigation charts before you launch.
  • Check with those who have local knowledge of man-made and natural hazards, e.g. low-head dams; sweepers, strainers and undercuts; tides and currents; and rocks and shoals.

Two-person SUPYAKs

Body Glove is really catering to shared paddleboard adventures with six options in their lineup for two-person SUPYAKs. These models that can easily transform between kayaking and paddleboarding are the best choice for family and social excursions. There are really no major differences between the two-person SUPYAK models as they all have the same overall dimensions and 500-pound capacity rating, with the exception of the Tango which is 13 feet long.

In my opinion, Body Glove made four models too many in this category and you could flip a coin to pick between the I-Skiff Tandem Pro, Duet Pro, Twin Pro and Dynamic Deuce.

The most notable two-person SUPYAK is the Body Glove Tandem at 15 feet long and 32 inches wide. It was the winner of the SUP Connect 2021 Gear of the Year award for SUP/kayak hybrid. While it could be paddled alone, it is best enjoyed with a paddling partner out on a touring adventure with any configuration of none, one or two kayak seats added on.

Multi-person Body Glove paddleboards

When playing on the water, more people = more fun. Enter the Body Glove Crusader and Big Boy models, constructed as multi-person paddleboards to be enjoyed among family and friends.

At 15 feet long and 66 inches wide, the Crusader is rated for 1,000 pounds and is ideal for up to four people. The Crusader includes a front bungee storage area, two anchor attachment points, seven carry handles, attachment points for coolers, foot placement guides on the large deckpad and four adjustable three-piece paddles. The Big Boy multi-person iSUP has the same dimensions as the Crusader with slightly less rigidity and has similar features with the exclusion of the anchor attachment points and foot placement guides.

Rigid Body Glove paddleboards

Body Glove has two options for rigid standup paddleboards in the Legend 10’6” and the Explorer 10’6”, both with one removable centre fin and rated for 280 pounds. The rigid Body Glove paddleboards are a great choice for leisure paddles, family fun and playing at the cottage. The rigid boards are ready to go at all times as they don’t require any prep time.

The 24-pound Legend is durable and both puncture- and impact-resistant. It’s made with a polycarbonate and epoxy hybrid construction. With a displacement-style nose that cuts through the water and with cargo storage at the front of the board the Legend is a good option for adventures near home.

The Explorer is a full-length soft top board made of high-density EPS foam and an epoxy composite material, making the board durable and lightweight. It’s a versatile option for yoga, flatwater paddling and surf and weighs 23 pounds.

  • Are Body Glove boards good?

    Body Glove paddleboards are family-friendly, durable options which are good for beginner to intermediate paddlers who want a more affordable paddleboard option without compromising on a cool design, fun features and good quality. Body Glove designs paddleboards for flatwater touring, fishing, yoga and kids as well as hybrid SUP kayak models and options for tandem and multi-person paddleboards. Body Glove paddleboards have innovative features such as an integrated carry handle that can also secure a paddle or a water bottle.

    Don’t be fooled by the low wholesale prices that Body Glove paddleboards are sold for at big-box stores such as Costco and BJ’s. The prices for Body Glove paddleboard packages are exceptional and include a leash, dry pouch and adjustable paddle, making it easy to head right to the water (once you grab a PFD). The inflatable Body Glove standup paddleboards also come with a carry backpack, repair kit and manual hand pump for inflation.

  • Body Glove paddleboard weight limit

    The weight limit on a Body Glove paddleboard begins at 120 pounds for the 8-foot Grommet kids model. Body Glove rigid paddleboards are rated for 280 pounds. The inflatable Body Glove standup paddleboards have a weight limit of 300 to 320 pounds while the SUPYAKs and pedal-drive SUPYAKs are rated from 280 to 320 lbs. The tandem Body Glove SUPYAKs can hold up to 500 pounds on board and the multi-person iSUPs have a weight limit of 1,000 pounds.

  • How much does the Body Glove paddleboard weigh?

    The Body Glove Grommet kids paddleboard model weighs under 15 pounds while the majority of the non-specialized inflatable standup paddleboard models are in the low to mid 20-pound range. The Body Glove Oasis yoga and fitness paddleboard weighs 22 pounds and the best-selling Performer weighs 24 pounds. The weight of the Body Glove rigid paddleboards is also 24 pounds. SUPYAKs and two-person paddleboards weigh over 30 pounds with the Tandem coming in at 34 pounds. The multi-person Body Glove paddleboards weigh a whopping 80 pounds and will need a few sets of hands to carry.

  • How wide is a Body Glove paddleboard?

    Body Glove paddleboards are designed to be very stable with the inflatable all-around, touring, fishing and yoga paddleboards all having a width of 33 or 34 inches. The rigid Body Glove standup paddleboard models are 32 inches wide. The Body Glove SUPYAKs range from 31 to 34 inches wide with tandem SUPYAKs all designed at 34 inches in width. Body Glove multi-person inflatable paddleboards are 66 inches wide.

  • Where are Body Glove paddleboards made?

    Body Glove paddleboards and manufactured in China, just like the majority of standup paddleboards (BIC is an exception).

  • Body Glove paddleboard warranty

    The warranty on Body Glove paddleboards is one year from the date of purchase. If you register your paddleboard with Body Glove at you will receive one additional year of warranty at no additional cost.

Body Glove paddleboard comparison

With so many choices on the market and lots of seemingly similar options in paddleboard product design it can be helpful to understand which brand excels at which features and to have guidance on choosing between different brands. This section explores paddleboard comparisons between Body Glove and other stand up paddleboard brands that might have similar offerings.

  • Body Glove paddleboard vs iRocker

    iRocker offers four all-around inflatable paddleboard packages which range from 10 to 11 feet in length while Body Glove’s line up consists of over 20 paddleboard models which have more specialized options including yoga, fishing, rigid boards and hybrid paddleboard kayak options. Both brands are good-quality paddleboards and have options for action mounts and lots of D-rings for attachments.

    If you want a storage backpack with roller wheels, removable fins, additional side handles near the nose and tail of the board, and a higher quality and lighter paddle, buy an iRocker. If you want a paddleboard that is more specialized toward the intended use, has a cool carry handle to secure a paddle or water bottle, has options to transform into a kayak, or will be used by two or more people to paddle at once, get a Body Glove.

  • Nautica paddleboard vs Body Glove

    Nautica paddleboards are available at Costco and Canadian Tire and don’t have much to offer in the way of excitement. They are fairly bare bones paddleboards compared to Body Glove. If you are looking for a simple-looking stable inflatable paddleboard that gets you out enjoying the water at an entry level price, get a Nautica. If you’d like to be able to choose from more features, functions and designs, get a Body Glove.

  • Isle vs Body Glove paddleboard

    Isle has paddleboard options in both inflatable and rigid boards in all around and touring shapes. If you want a rigid touring board, clean colorways, the ability to attach your paddle along the rail of the board, or to be able to make payments in installments over three to 12 months, get an Isle.

    If you want an all-around soft top board at a lower price, generally more bang for your buck with accessory options, or the better choice for a yoga, fishing, multiperson, or kids-specific paddleboard, get a Body Glove.

  • Roc vs Body Glove paddleboard

    If you want a durable, 10-foot all-around inflatable paddleboard at the lowest price with no added features on board, get a Roc. If you want any other length or style of paddleboard which looks cooler and has more features to take your paddling experience beyond the very base level, get a Body Glove.

  • Retrospec vs Body Glove paddleboard

    For an entry-level inflatable paddleboard that is simple and minimalistic for recreational paddling with family and friends, get a Retrospec. Retrospec is also a good choice for a cheaper kids paddleboard and multi-person standup paddleboard. For a paddleboard that is manufactured with better quality and is a more comprehensive standup paddleboard package, get a Body Glove.

  • Body Glove vs Serene Life paddleboard

    If you want an inexpensive, fully packaged inflatable standup paddleboard as an entry point option for novice paddlers, get a Serene Life paddleboard. If you feel like you’ll be more committed to stand up paddleboarding rather than just testing out the waters or are an intermediate paddler, get a Body Glove.

  • Hyperlite vs Body Glove paddleboard

    If you want a 10-foot, stable and lightweight all-around inflatable paddleboard with an electric pump, drybag, front deck handles and an integrated shoulder carry strap, get a Hyperlite. If you want any other options of paddleboard length, action camera mount, the ability to convert a SUP into a kayak, or a paddleboard that is designed specifically for touring, yoga, fitness, fishing or multi-person fun, get a Body Glove.

Education: Get Some!
  • Take a paddling safety course from the American Canoe Association (ACA), your local paddling shop or outfitter, or other reputable source.
  • Take a boating safety course from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadrons® or your own state’s boating agency.
  • Take on-the-water skills training.

Body Glove paddleboard reviews

In your search for the perfect paddleboard for your wants and needs, take a look at these reviews for Body Glove standup paddleboards. Reading about the pros and cons of boards you might be considering will help you make your next purchasing decision for fun adventures on the water.

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