How Much Are Paddleboards?

Paddling Buyer’s Guide

One of the most common questions from first-time paddleboard buyers is, “How much are paddleboards?” With paddleboards, the saying, “You get what you pay for” often applies. Essentially, you can pay as little or as much as you’d like, within the range of a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars, and the price tag will reflect the quality and design of the paddleboard.

There is no standard paddleboard price. That being said, inflatable paddleboards are generally cheaper to manufacture and ship, which results in a lower price than what would be paid for a similar shape in a rigid paddleboard. Entry-level inflatable paddleboards can start at the unbelievably low price of about $350 CAD while low-end molded plastic paddleboards start at around $500 and rigid, foam-core paddleboards start at over $1,000. On the high end of the price spectrum, carbon fiber paddleboards, racing paddleboards and pedal-powered standup paddleboard prices can be in the range of to $3,000 to $4,000.

Paddleboard cost is determined by the materials used, manufacturing methods, brand name and any included accessories, features or attachments. Having a sense of your budget as you start to figure out how much a paddleboard costs is helpful so you can see quickly at what end of the market you might land.

The cost of paddleboards can vary between retailers so it is good to shop around to compare prices. If you have an idea of the type of paddleboard you are looking for, I also recommend shopping between SUP brands to compare specs and see what paddleboards cost from each brand.

Let’s dive deeper into exploring what paddleboards cost by looking at the average cost of paddleboards.

Average cost of paddleboard

How much does a paddleboard cost? While the standup paddleboard price range can vary by hundreds to thousands of dollars, let’s look at a few of the determining factors of the average cost of a paddleboard, including materials, features and size.

The most inexpensive and affordable materials for paddleboards are the PVC layers used in inflatables. The price for a single-layer inflatable is under $500 CAD and the more layers that are used to add strength and durability, the more the cost goes up. Molded plastic is the second cheapest material option for paddleboards and results in costs under $1,000.

Paddleboards which use a foam core and a PVC or fiberglass outer layer cost over $1,000 while those with carbon fiber layers tend towards the $2,000 and higher mark as they are designed to be lightweight and use premium materials.

Paddleboards with basic or minimal features will be priced low. The price climbs as more features get added, such as additional grab handles, bungee tie downs, additional D-rings and a camera mount.

Some paddleboards come with features for holding paddles or waterbottles, for attaching fishing gear or for transforming into a kayak. Specialized paddleboards will tend to cost more than $1,500 as they have more add-ons and are designed for a particular activity and use.

When it comes to paddleboard cost, price is directly related to length, since longer paddleboards require more material to make. Essentially you are buying more board so you are paying for more board.

So, how much does a good paddleboard cost? The short answer is at least $1,000 CAD on average and the long answer depends on what type of paddleboard and what it’s being used for. In my opinion, a good inflatable or rigid all-around paddleboard costs over $1,000, a good touring paddleboard costs over $1,500, and a good racing paddleboard costs over $2,000.

Let’s look at some of the characteristics, features, and trade-offs that you can expect to see from paddleboards in the following cost tiers. The tiers are labeled according to affordable, mid-range, and high-end standup paddleboard prices.

Affordable standup paddleboard pricing

Under $500

  • Low-quality inflatable paddleboard with limited features, designed for entry-level paddlers who don’t want any extras
  • Accessible entry point into standup paddleboard with minimal investment
  • Limited performance options and capabilities for a paddleboard in this range
  • Not a good investment in the long run



  • Heavy, molded plastic paddleboard or basic soft-top board for leisure paddling
  • Single drop stitch inflatable package with some features like bungee tie downs and a leash
  • Low cost option for novice paddlers
  • Offers a noticeably lesser paddling experience compared to higher-quality paddleboards
  • Often paired with very heavy paddles


Mid-range paddleboard pricing


  • Double-layer inflatable SUP packages with better durability and limited features and accessories beyond the standard adjustable paddle, storage bag, repair kit and hand pump
  • Rigid SUPs made with a foam core and PVC layers
  • More durable paddleboards which will last longer than low-end paddleboards
  • Enhanced paddling experience
  • Likely still no specialized features on these paddleboards



  • Highest-quality inflatable paddleboards or double-layer inflatable SUPs with additional features like added handles, camera mounts, accessory mounts, paddle or water holders, D-rings and anchor attachment points
  • Rigid SUPs made with a foam core and fiberglass layers
  • Higher-quality paddle often offered as a package
  • Some specialized paddleboards designed for specific activities
  • Materials becoming more lightweight
  • Improved on-water performance


High-end paddleboard pricing


  • Rigid SUPs manufactured with carbon fiber
  • Tandem or multi-person inflatable paddleboards
  • Pedal-powered paddleboards
  • Racing, touring and expedition paddleboards
  • Motorized paddleboards
  • Offer high-performance handling and efficient travel
  • Many features available for outfitting the board


If you’re wondering why paddleboards are so expensive you’re not alone. With specialized manufacturing technologies, composite materials, unique designs for each paddleboarding activity and special features and attachments, the price of production can creep up.

But paddleboarding is an investment in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as a huge amount of fun. The price of a paddleboard will be well worth the on-water experiences that you get out of it.

How much are used paddleboards?

Similar to how a new car driven off of a car lot depreciates in value, the price of a paddleboard also goes down once it hits the water and has been paddled and becomes considered used. As an example, you could expect to knock off at least 20 percent off a gently used paddleboard that was sold for $1,500 when it was purchased new. After a couple of years that paddleboard would sell used for under $1,000.

The condition of a used paddleboard is a determining factor in its resale value. A gently used paddleboard would hold its value better than one which isn’t in such pristine condition and has scratches, dents or holes. Used paddleboard pricing should reflect the level of damage that a board has, knocking the price lower for each issue.

Although damage effectively drops the price down further, professional repairs in used paddleboards help a board to hold value more than DIY repairs or issues that have been left unrepaired.

Generally, high-end paddleboards such as racing paddleboards and carbon fiber paddleboards are a hot commodity in the used SUP scene and tend to retain their value more than other types of paddleboards.

Brands that hold their value well over time include Starboard, Infinity, SIC, 425 Pro, Red Paddle Co and Kahuna, especially if there is a particular favorite model that was manufactured only in specific years and is hard to come by.

Prices by type of paddleboard

  • How much are blow-up paddleboards

    Blow-up paddleboards, known as inflatable paddleboards, are generally more affordable than rigid paddleboards. They range in price from around $350 CAD for a basic, low-quality, entry-level inflatable SUP to $2,000 for a high-quality inflatable paddleboard. A decent inflatable paddleboard package that includes a paddle will cost roughly $700 to $1,000.


Paddleboard prices by brand

  • BIC standup paddleboard prices

    BIC standup paddleboards prices were generally in the mid-range for recreational paddleboards, starting at a little under $1,000 USD for heavier and durable Tough-Tec models. BIC all-around and touring rigid boards in the Ace-Tec material cost around $1,099 to $1,299. The higher-performing BIC racing paddleboards which were manufactured with lightweight composites were priced at over $2,000 USD.


  • BOGA paddleboard price

    BOGA paddleboards prices begin at $995 USD with their inflatable SUP yoga model. All BOGA paddleboards are stable boards 11 feet in length, designed for yoga with a large grippy deckpad and tie-down bungees at the nose of the board. The three models are essentially the same design but with different materials. The rigid BOGA paddleboard price is $1,095 while the eco-friendly bamboo version sells for $1,195.

  • Chanel paddleboard price

    A few years back, the fashion brand Chanel sold a limited-edition paddleboard which paired well with yachts, secluded beaches and navel-gazing Instagram photoshoots with an incredible price tag of around $20,000 USD. This standup paddleboard price was solely based on the Chanel luxury brand name as the board itself was incredibly basic, was not designed for performance, and left a lot to be desired.

    If you were able to find a used Chanel paddleboard this is one brand that might retain some value as a collector’s item, although I wouldn’t advise anyone to pay much for it for the sake of paddling performance.

  • Dragonfly paddleboard price

    Dragonfly paddleboards are manufactured individually by boat builders and are offered in four touring and fishing models, priced from $1,600 to $2,200 USD. Dragonfly paddleboards are stable and rigid paddleboards which are customizable and have add-on options such as underwater LED lights.

    The cost of Dragonfly paddleboards reflects the U.S.-made, two-part mold manufacturing process over a foam core that’s sold in a niche market for anglers who have money to spend on fishing gadgets and gear.

  • Easy Eddy paddleboard price

    The price for an Easy Eddy three-piece paddleboard which assembles together in sections is $1,575 CAD. An additional $100 will buy a leash and low-end adjustable paddle while the rolling carry case costs another $271. The cost of an Easy Eddy paddleboard is the cost of innovation, since you are paying for a hard paddleboard which has the storage and transportation capabilities of an inflatable paddleboard.

  • Elliptical paddleboard price

    Elliptical paddleboards are some of the highest-priced paddleboards on the market with prices hovering around the $3,000 CAD range. There is some variation of elliptical paddleboard pricing between different manufacturers and retailers of these pedal-powered paddleboards. See Hobie paddleboard prices for more information on some elliptical paddleboard prices.

  • Goosehill paddleboard price

    Goosehill’s all-around 10.5-foot inflatable paddleboard packages for beginners start at $642 CAD. Amazon sometimes has cheaper prices on the Goosehill paddleboards so be sure to search around for the best price. These low prices reflect the Goosehill SUP designs being geared toward entry-level paddlers with no distinct features or accessories and which are not manufactured with the highest-quality materials or methods. Customizable Goosehill paddleboards are available for under $1,000 USD.

  • Hobie paddleboard prices

    The prices of Hobie paddleboards are quite high at $2,660 to $3,400 CAD for these innovative pedal paddleboards. The inflatable Hobie model is priced higher than the rigid model. The reason that Hobie paddleboards cost so much is because pedal paddleboards are niche items and expensive to manufacture with holes in the middle of the paddleboards to accommodate the addition of both a removable pedal drive system and handlebars.


  • Imagine Surf paddleboard price

    Imagine Surf paddleboard prices start at $799 USD for a dual-layer PVC inflatable paddleboard which includes a leash and adjustable paddle but no storage pack or hand pump. They are fitted with innovative, snap-free or kick-up fins but do not come with an included bag and pump, which are typically standard in an inflatable package.

    A rigid, all-around Imagine Surf paddleboard with a polycarbonate shell over an EPS foam core costs $949 and includes a paddle and leash. All-around and touring Imagine Surf SUP models made of fiberglass and bamboo are priced at $1,399.

  • Kahuna paddleboard prices

    Kahuna paddleboards are high-quality paddleboards with price tags starting at $1,499 CAD. Their rigid all-around or touring paddleboards have a durable ABS outer shell with a dropped deck and unique deck pad. Kahuna recreational entry-level paddleboard packages are priced from $1,649 to $1,899 and include a two-piece adjustable fiberglass composite paddle, board bag, fin and leash.

    The Kahuna recreational paddleboards are made of fiberglass and have an additional carbon fiber layer where paddlers stand and around-the-board rails for additional protection. Price tags for Kahuna bamboo paddleboard models begin at $1,999 and high end models with additional carbon fiber layers cost up to $2,699.

    Inflatable Kahuna paddleboard packages are priced ranging from $1,499 to $1,899 as they are constructed to be high-quality with carbon-reinforced rails at the standing zone, and include a three-piece carbon paddle and a wheelie bag.

  • Lilly Pulitzer paddleboard price

    In 2019, a beautifully patterned, limited-edition, all-around fiberglass epoxy Lilly Pulitzer paddleboard was made and priced at $1,650 USD plus shipping. The Lilly Pulitzer standup paddleboard was priced slightly higher than boards of the same construction quality due to the name of the popular women’s clothing brand.

  • POP paddleboard prices

    POP inflatable paddleboard packages retail at $849 USD as a result of being constructed with durable reinforced military-grade PVC and having more D-rings, grab handles, and bungee tie downs than a standard basic inflatable board.

    The prices for rigid POP paddleboards which have a foam core, fiberglass mid layers, and a polycarbonate shell range from $975 to $1,399. Rigid POP standup paddleboards are priced to reflect their high strength and durable yet lightweight construction.

  • Pulse paddleboard price

    Pulse standup paddleboard prices begin at $999 CAD for inflatable models with strong and durable construction and added D-rings at the nose and tail of the board. The highest priced Pulse paddleboards are fiberglass and bamboo veneer all-around boards as well as displacement boards which can cost up to $1,699.

    These well-made paddleboards are worth the cost with beautiful colors and graphics and include a go pro mount, leash, storage bag, and an adjustable carbon fiber paddle.

  • Red paddleboard prices

    As a premium inflatable SUP brand, the paddleboard prices from Red Paddle Co range from $1,479 CAD for the shorter all-around boards to $1,999 for the longer touring boards. A tandem paddleboard from Red costs $2,699. Red paddleboards don’t have any overly exciting features apart from their unique bungee system and removable rail stiffeners.

    However, they set the standard for offering incredibly high-quality paddleboard construction. Red paddleboards come with a five-year warranty, which blows all other competitors out of the water.


  • Seaflo paddleboard price

    The price of a Seaflo paddleboard is hard to pin down, as they are not currently listed online with any retailers for the 2022 season. The two models of inflatable Seaflo paddleboards should land under $500 CAD as they are a low-quality board made with single drop stitch material intended for use by entry-level paddlers getting into the sport with minimal investment.


  • Starboard paddleboard price

    Starboard’s inflatable paddleboards range from $879 to $1,369 CAD and are highly rated for their performance as a good-quality paddleboard at the mid-range price point. Starboard is really known for their high-end rigid paddleboards which can cost upwards of $4,800 for the newest top-of-the-line carbon fiber racing standup paddleboard.

    For intermediate and advanced paddlers looking for a touring board, Starboard has rigid paddleboards starting around $1,699.

  • Sun Dolphin paddleboard price

    Sun Dolphin has three options coming out for standup paddleboards manufactured in the U.S. While prices are not yet listed on their website or through retailers, they can be expected to be comparable to Sun Dolphin kayak prices, between $280 and $600 CAD.

    The low cost is because Sun Dolphin SUPs will be sold through big box stores and are comparatively heavy plastic paddleboards that weigh around 50 lbs, making them suitable for the entry-level recreational market rather than performance paddleboarding.


  • Wavestorm paddleboard price

    Wavestorm paddleboard prices are quite affordable as they are a mass-manufactured foam paddleboard sold at Costco. A Wavestorm 9.5-foot soft-top paddleboard costs $399 and includes a paddle and leash. The Wavestorm hybrid SUP kayak price is $499 including a collapsible seat, adjustable foot pedal, leash, a foam roof rack system and a paddle that can be used for either paddleboarding or kayaking.


Paddleboard prices by store

How much are paddleboards at Costco?

As a high-volume, big-box retail store, Costco has prices that can’t be beaten for family-friendly recreational boards. At Costco, paddleboards cost from $380 CAD for a kids paddleboard to $1,200 for a multi-person inflatable paddleboard.

Costco’s best-selling, 11-foot SUP in an all-around inflatable package is $500 while yoga and soft top paddleboards are priced a little higher, with tandem inflatable paddleboard packages landing between $760 and $900.


What is a good price for a paddleboard?

One of the first decisions to make to narrow the field and guide your potential selections in shopping for a paddleboard is determining how much to spend on a paddleboard and what a good price is for you. Your decision should be based on whether the board is inflatable or rigid, the desired manufacturing quality, activity type, how long and how often you plan to use the paddleboard, and any additional requirements you have such as features, board availability near you, or board weight. You can learn more about selecting a paddleboard based on structure or activity by reading our article, Types of Paddleboards.

If you are an entry-level paddler who isn’t certain if they will paddle much and want a low cost option to get started right away then a good price for you might be $500. This price might also be suitable if you want a paddleboard to leave at the cottage that you will only use a handful of times each year. If you are looking to get into racing and need a lightweight board then a good price for you will be a minimum of $2,000 for a new board or perhaps even a used paddleboard for $1,500 if your budget is tighter.

Refer to the pricing tiers in the average cost of paddleboard section of this article for general guidelines on what to expect from a paddleboard at each pricing tier. As a reminder, you typically pay more for rigid paddleboards than inflatables, for higher-quality manufacturing, for lightweight composite materials, for specialized designs or paddleboards which are efficient and have high performance characteristics, and for added features on the board.

For novice paddlers who want a good-quality SUP experience, I would recommend budgeting around $1,000 and looking for paddleboards in the middle of the price range. At this pricing tier you will begin to experience better performance on the water and the construction will be a bit higher quality than low-level boards. Considering that paddleboards should last many years, a $1,000 investment in a good paddleboard spread out over the lifetime of the paddleboard is quite reasonable.

As paddleboarders gain more experience and skill they are often much happier to invest more money in their next SUP as they recognize the value of the investment in getting a board that they really love, which performs well, and is specific to their preferred paddling activity. Along these lines I would recommend that if you are torn between buying a lower-cost SUP just to save a few bucks or saving up to buy a paddleboard in the next pricing tier I recommend you put a little more cash into your purchase.

This is especially true if you think you will spend a lot of hours on your paddleboard rather than using it once in a while. Money invested in a higher-quality paddleboard purchase is negligible over the board’s lifespan and will absolutely help you to continue to progress in your SUP skill development and enjoyment of the sport.

Ultimately, a good price for a paddleboard for you is up to your budget and your judgment after doing your research into what paddleboards cost by reading this article and checking out paddleboards in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide. If I could leave you with some final words of advice to guide your paddleboard purchasing decision I would tell you, “When in doubt, don’t cheap out.”