Kokopelli Showcases Recon Packraft, Animas River Bag And Delta Inflatable Dry Bag

The ultimate whitewater packraft

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Kelley Smith with Kokopelli Packraft takes us through the new Recon Packraft targeted at avid whitewater paddlers. The Recon differentiates itself from the rest of the Kokopelli lineup with a reinforced PVC construction making it ultra durable and slightly heavier than other models that are five to 10 pounds. The Kokopelli Recon comes in at 18.5 pounds and is meant for road-to-river day trips and whitewater laps after work.

Kokopelli Recon Packraft
Kokopelli Recon Packraft | Photo: Courtesy Kokopelli Packraft

Similar to the Nirvana series, this is a self-bailing packraft with holes in the floor and a nine inch inflatable floor and seat combo, keeping you elevated above the water line. Thigh-strap attachment points allow added control for ultimate whitewater performance.

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Kokopelli Animas River Bag
Kokopelli Animas River Bag | Photo: Courtesy Kokopelli Packraft

Also new to the Kokopelli lineup is their Animas River Bag, a mesh duffle bag with multiple attachment points and their Delta Inflatable Dry Bags. Stuff your gear into the Delta Dry Bags, inflate and keep your gear buoyant on the river. The Animas River Bag will fit two of the Delta Dry Bags.

Kokopelli Delta Inflatable Dry Bags
Kokopelli Delta Inflatable Dry Bags | Photo: Courtesy Kokopelli Packraft

Finally, they also introduced their Feather Pump which is a USB rechargeable pump that only weighs six ounces and will inflate your raft in 60 seconds. They mention on the website that the Feather Pump has a 60-minute battery life which works out to 50 inflations and deflations.

Kokopelli Feather Pump
Kokopelli Feather Pump | Photo: Courtesy Kokopelli Packraft

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