Canyon Coolers’ New Spray Promises To De-funkify

The following is a press release from Canyon Coolers.

Nothing tells the story of an epic adventure like a well-used cooler. And let’s be honest, after your multi-day excursion comes to a close, the last task you want to take on is cleaning your ice chest immediately upon your arrival home. It’s a good reason why most of us don’t, and against our inner voice of reason, leave the daunting task for another day. The result is not just a hard to clean cooler, but a hard to deodorize one with an odor so strong it’ll keep even the hungriest of bears at bay. That’s why high-performance cooler manufacturer, Canyon Coolers has introduced the ultimate cleaning/deodorizing spray that’ll take on any stench with stride: the new Canyon Coolers D-Funk Cooler Cleaning Spray. 

Canyon Coolers are seriously rugged and while they can certainly take on any beating the Great Outdoors can dish out, taking great care of your cooler on the inside will ensure it’s always fresh and ready for your next big adventure. Whether you spent the weekend fishing, camping or just returned from your hunt of a lifetime, Canyon’s D-Funk Cooler Cleaning Spray will erase the presence of any odor accumulated from the likes of meat blood, fish slime, spilled beverages or spoiled food. How does it do it? Canyon Coolers’ new D-Funk incorporates Double Down Technology, which works at a molecular level, neutralizing and virtually eliminating the most stubborn odors as well as mold and mildew.

Not only is the D-Funk cooler cleaner effective, its natural formula contains no bleach or harsh chemicals and rinses clean with no residue.  This means it’s environmentally safe so you can use it anywhere from the boat dock to the cabin without concern. In fact, D-Funk is up for cleaning challenges beyond the ice chest where using harsh chemicals around food can be an issue like refrigerators, deodorizing plastic containers, and more.  

MSRP for the D-Funk Cooler Cleaning Spray is $14.99.

Canyon Coolers manufactures ridiculously cold, seriously tough coolers to keep food and beverages cold for not just days, but weeks. Ultra-tough in design from the drain plugs, latches, and handles these coolers are designed to take a beating from the hot sun in stride. Canyon Coolers are used by hunters, anglers, rafters, outdoor enthusiasts —and anyone else whose adventures are fueled by seriously cold refreshments. To learn more about Canyon Coolers’ full-line of premium, ridiculously cold and seriously tough coolers.



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