First Look: Aqua Bound’s New Aerial Paddles

Game-changing Lam-Lok tech promises to extend a paddle’s lifespan by resisting impact, abrasion and delamination

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Aqua Bound’s latest innovation is the Aerial paddle lineup, featuring Lam-Lok technology. This new development uses aramid thread to mechanically bond the paddle’s laminated blade layers, significantly boosting resistance to impact, abrasion and delamination, extending the paddle’s lifespan.

First look: Aqua Bound’s new Aerial paddles

The Aerial lineup was released in the fall of 2023, and the Paddling Magazine team recently caught up with Brian Boyea, VP of Sales at Aqua Bound and Bending Branches, to learn more about the new technology.

Aqua Bound

Aerial Major Carbon

Experience unmatched durability with Lam-Lok™ U.S. Patent Pending technology. Lam-Lok™ mechanically bonds blade layers together with an aramid reinforcement. Significantly prolongs the paddle's life by resisting delamination, abrasion and impact. Carbon blades have a wide, flattened foam spine that simulates performance qualities of both foil and compression-molded blades. Available in fixed/adjustable lengths/offset angles, straight or crank shaft, and 1, 2, or 4pc.

“The coolest thing about this is the aramid thread we’re using to stitch the blades together,” said Boyea. While a typical composite paddle is held together by layers of fiberglass or carbon and bonded with resin, Lam-Lok adds something new.

“What we’ve done here is before that bonding process, we’re stitching this aramid thread into the edge of the blade,” says Boyea. “That stitching is going to do a couple of things for us. It’s going to help impact resistance and it’s going to give us quite a bit of strength and durability on that edge. It’s also going to prevent delamination.”

Durability has been the focus in developing these paddles. Aqua Bound consulted kayakers of all skill levels to identify common issues with current paddles, such as wear from frequent contact with rough surfaces.

Initially hand-stitched in prototyping, the Lam-Lok method was field-tested and found to be effective, with testers reporting exceptional durability of the prototypes even with extensive use. A specialized industrial sewing machine in now used for production.

In Aqua Bound’s testing, a typical composite blade ripped apart at 17 pounds of force. “Our final layup, where we have multiple layers of thread, ripped apart at 495 pounds of force,” adds Boyea.

The aramid thread is applied to dry fiberglass or carbon materials before resin application. The blade edges are stitched back and forth with more than 33 feet of aramid thread per paddle. According to a press release from Aqua Bound, in-house tests revealed the Aerial’s Lam-Lok technology provided five to 10 times better resistance to delamination and abrasion compared to other paddles on the market, including the brand’s own Whiskey and Tango models.


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