Lafayette, CA – April 20, 2022 – Wing Inflatables, founded by paddler Bill Wing and legendary for its durable American-made whitewater rafts, has re-issued its heritage ‘Wing Raft Blue.’ Staying committed to whitewater sports and recognizing and celebrating the surge in recreational activities, Wing Inflatables has brought back their successful original recipe for this now-famous colorway. The same color of fabric made the rafts so distinctive when the company started in the early 90s.

Andrew Branagh, CEO of the Wing Group, passionately shares:
“Wing Inflatables is honoring a rich and deep history by bringing back the original recipe for the color blue that we have been known for.  A Wing raft today is defining the industry. It has modern construction techniques, ever-evolving fabric, and is still 100% American-made in Arcata, California. We bring a deep link by staying true to our roots and our historical commitment to the rafter.  We are investing in the color, affectionally known as Wing Raft Blue, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this special release.”

Matt Runyan, Quality Manager and GM of Manufacturing Engineering, adds: “Wing Inflatables is recognized as the premium quality fabricator of polyurethane rafts in the world. Adding to this claim is the fact that several of the largest river outfitters operating in the US have come home to Wing and polyurethane – forsaking the less expensive rafts for Wing’s durability and longevity.”

While certain models will be built for the summer of 2022, the rafts in ‘Wing Raft Blue’ can be made to order.

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