Ottawa, ON, April 25, 2024 – Level Six, a leading outdoor gear manufacturer, proudly announces the launch of the Loki Drysuit, a game-changing product that sets new standards for sustainability, performance and user comfort.

Key features include:

PFAS-Free and Recycled: The Loki is the first drysuit on the market to be both PFAS-Free and made from recycled materials. Years of research and development have culminated in this groundbreaking achievement.

Latex and Neoprene Free: This is a game changer for anyone allergic to latex and neoprene products. Made with sensitivities in mind, this suit is ideal for all.

Innovative Gasket System: The Loki is the first latex—and neoprene-free drysuit that utilizes an innovative PU-coated Lycra gasket system. This system allows the user to customize the fit, tightening or loosening the gasket for either more performance or greater comfort on a long day. This suit performs to the highest standard while simultaneously being breathable and comfortable.

Breathable Design: Whether paddling on whitewater or embarking on a canoe trip, the Loki performs to the highest standard while simultaneously being breathable and comfortable.

Environmental Commitment: Sustainability is not a buzzword for Level Six; it’s a core value. While other companies hesitate, Level Six has taken action. The Loki features a fully recycled fabric and a C0 PFAS-Free DWR coating. Level Six’s commitment extends beyond the product itself. All future dry gear production will eliminate these harmful forever chemicals, protecting our waterways, our environment, personal health, and factory workers.

Health Impact Awareness: We were once unaware of the risks posed by PFAS chemicals. Now, Level Six is leading the charge. The staggering health consequences for exposed laborers and surrounding communities drive this mission.

Photo Courtesy of: Level Six

The Loki drysuit isn’t just a product; it’s a beacon of change. Level Six is excited to see the changes industry-wide.

Customer Appreciation: We owe our success to our loyal Level Six customer base. Their support fuels our passion for innovation and sustainability. The Loki Drysuit is more than gear; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to a healthier planet.

About Level Six

Level Six is a Canadian-based outdoor gear company dedicated to creating high-performance products that respect the environment and enhance outdoor experiences. Our mission: gear that matters.


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