Moscow, Idaho — Northwest River Supplies (NRS), the world’s leading supplier of equipment and apparel for water recreation, safety and rescue, proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated suite of innovative new products, set to revolutionize the outdoor industry and enhance the adventure experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

With a rich history rooted in a passion for rivers and outdoor exploration, NRS continues to push the boundaries of possibility, leading the way with cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of adventurers. The new suite of products showcases NRS’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing customers with the tools they need to embark on unforgettable adventures with confidence. Designed with input from top athletes and outdoor experts, NRS’s new line of paddling gear sets a new standard for comfort, performance and versatility. Each product in the lineup represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and reliability, meticulously crafted to enhance the paddling experience.

Highlights of the new product suite include:

Life Jackets / Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

All new PFDs are specifically designed to fit all genders and body types thanks to the new NRS Orbit Fit System. Orbit fit’s flexible pre-curved shape immediately wraps around and embraces the paddler’s torso for a snug, secure fit without having to over tighten. Full PFD line release coming March 12, 2024.

  • Ninja, Ninja OS and Ninja Pro — A fan favorite for years, the Ninja is known for being NRS’s lowest-profile jacket. By concentrating all the flotation into a smaller surface area, the Ninja redefines what freedom of movement means while wearing a life jacket. This year, NRS redesigned the Ninja platform to better fit a range of body types and introduced rescue and touring-specific options.
  • Odyssey — Designed for offshore safety and convenience, the redesigned Odyssey PFD combines an unmatched fit with incredible freedom of movement to enhance the touring and adventure paddler’s experience.
  • Vector — We combined the superior fit of the Orbit Fit System with extensive Class V rescue-specific details to reimagine the performance of a rescue PFD. Built for guides, Search and Rescue professionals and expedition kayakers, the Vector is the lightest, most comfortable rescue vest available.
  • Ambient — A modern take on a classic design, the NRS Ambient PFD combines simplicity and comfort with safety and protection. With the convenience of a front-zip entry and the freedom to swim, paddle and splash, you won’t find a more comfortable recreational jacket than the Ambient.


Fishing Rafts

Building on the release of the Slipstream Fishing Rafts in 2022, NRS continues to evolve its lineup of rafts purpose-built for adventure anglers. Engineered for maximum performance and durability, NRS’s latest fishing raft models feature innovative construction materials and advanced design elements, ensuring unmatched stability, maneuverability and safety on the water, and guaranteeing to enhance the adventure angler’s experience. Full Approach and Slipstream release coming March 26.

  • Approach — Lightweight and easy to transport, the Approach Rafts redefine the limits of where a boat can take you. A combination of smaller tubes and a thick drop stitch insert floor enhances buoyancy, letting the Approach draft in really skinny water. With customizable features and two sizes to choose from, the NRS Approach micro-raft packages open access to headwaters and tighter, more remote waters other boats can’t reach.
  • Slipstream — The NRS award-winning Slipstream hits the 2024 season with next-level updates, including an increased drop stitch floor volume for superior low water drafting, improved storage and enhanced stability and comfort for standing anglers—all in a lighter package.


Leaning on 50 years of boat-building experience, NRS is introducing a line of packrafts that are more durable and will expand the boundaries of the adventurous spirit. Overlapping, heat-welded seams combine with interior taping, to create an incredibly strong mechanical bond for fail-proof air retention. PVC-free, TPU-coated nylon interior and exterior coating provides additional resistance to abrasion. With three unique designs purpose-built for calm, moving and whitewater, there’s a packraft for all levels of paddlers. Full Packraft release coming April 9.

Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs)

Whether living in the city, the burbs or the backwoods, NRS inflatable SUPs make getting outside accessible. In 2024, we’re excited to announce that we’re hand-shaping inflatable paddleboards in Idaho and pushing the evolution of SUP to a new level. New NRS boards boast a combination of two innovative construction methods. Integrated Shaping Technology (IST™) makes it possible to purposefully design boards for specific paddling styles while Z/Blend Core™ uses woven, rather than knit, drop stitch to build stiffer, lighter boards. Plus, all boards are backed with an industry-best warranty. Full SUP release coming May 7.

  • Clipper SUP — The Clipper SUP Board is a premium touring board featuring a deliberately shaped nose and tail rocker to balance tracking and maneuverability. Whether you’re challenging headwinds on the Great Lakes or crushing river miles to make camp, the Clipper handles touring and overnight adventures with ease.
  • Clean SUP — The Clean SUP Board turns clean-line dreams into a reality. Featuring a significant continuous tail and nose rocker, the Clean transforms rapids into a paddling playground. Downriver paddlers can choose between two sizes—a shorter playful board or one better designed for multi-day adventures.
  • Also new in 2024: NRS HeronNRS Jukdo and more.

Snooze Pads

Sleeping pad? Check. Seat cushion? Check. Cooler insulation? Check. River float? Check. The Snooze Pad is summer’s best friend. Sleep easy on three different sizes of dual-density foam covered in durable, waterproof TPU-coated nylon. PVC-free and self-inflating for a comfortable night spent under the stars.

Dry Duffels

Home to the legendary Bill’s Bags, NRS is revising its line of dry bags with the new, improved and PVC-free Expedition DriDuffel and High Roll Duffel. The heavy duty UV and wear-resistant Expedition DriDuffel sports RF welded seams that can handle the wear and tear of any outdoor adventure season after season and a TRU® Zip closure that delivers an immersion-ready waterproof seal and a self-repairing toothless “zipper,” making wilderness maintenance a non-issue.

About NRS

100% employee-owned, NRS is the world’s leading supplier of equipment and apparel for water recreation, safety and rescue. Founded in 1972 with a vision to create a better kind of company, NRS is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of its customers, employees and community. 


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