Vancouver, Victoria, Telegraph Cove, B.C. – January 19, 2023 – Salmon get a boost for the start of the year as Prince of Whales and North Island Kayak donate $130,000 to the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) to support their Marine Science Program, dedicated to study and mitigate environmental factors impacting the health of salmon.

The Marine Science Program currently works to uncover where and why salmon and forage fish are dying, restore key kelp and eelgrass habitats, enhance the resilience of coastal ecosystems, visualize ecological, environmental, and human impact data in the Strait of Georgia, and more.

This donation substantially aids the foundation in restoring salmon, which are a vital part of the marine ecosystem and play a crucial role in the health of our oceans. Not only do they provide a source of food for a variety of marine creatures, including killer whales, bears, and birds, but they also help maintain the balance of nutrients in the ocean.

Salmon are known as a “keystone” species, which means they support over 130 species of wildlife. When salmon populations are healthy, it has an incredible ripple effect on the entire ecosystem.

Unfortunately, salmon populations around the world are facing numerous threats, including habitat loss, overfishing and pollution. These threats have serious consequences not only for the salmon themselves, but also for the animals that rely on them for survival. That is why it is Prince of Whales and North Island Kayak’s missions to support the PSF and conserve salmon populations.

The ongoing partnership between Prince of Whales and North Island Kayak and the PSF is just one example of the organizations’ commitment to sustainability and conservation. Prince of Whales is Victoria’s first Climate Positive whale watching business and a member of 1% for the Planet.

North Island Kayak is also a Climate Positive company, that reduces their impact on the environment and promotes a sustainable way to approach tourism. Prince of Whales and North Island Kayak are very adamant in promoting conservation as they believe it is their duty to protect the environment for future generations.

We all depend on salmon, including killer whale populations that draw tens of thousands of visitors to our region each year. We are at a critical time where species at risk need our help. On behalf of Prince of Whales, we are proud to partner with the Pacific Salmon Foundation to help drive research and action to help Pacific salmon populations recover.

—Alan McGillivray, president and owner of Prince of Whales Whale and Marine Wildlife Adventures, North Island Kayak, and SEA Vancouver.

About Prince of Whales

Founded in 1993, Prince of Whales Whale & Marine Wildlife Adventures has operations in Victoria, Vancouver and Telegraph Cove. The company operates more than 15 vessels, including high-speed catamarans, Zodiacs and custom-built cruisers. Prince of Whales is a Climate Positive marine adventure company, certified by Ostrom Climate, and is committed to offsetting at least 110% of their emissions annually.

As an industry leader, Prince of Whales supports organizations such as the Pacific Salmon Foundation, Ocean Wise, 1% for the Planet, Centre for Whale Research, and the Peninsula Streams Society.

About North Island Kayak

Located in Telegraph Cove on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., North Island Kayak has been providing our customers with the opportunity to go kayaking with killer whales and other marine wildlife in this spectacular, remote part of British Columbia since 1991. Our focus on providing spectacular sea kayaking tours has made us the largest sea kayaking tour provider permanently located on northern Vancouver Island, with thousands of delighted customers.

About Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Pacific Salmon Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wild Pacific salmon and their habitats in B.C. and the Yukon. Our motto is: salmon first, salmon always. Working with Indigenous partners, thousands of stream keepers, government, academic institutions, and a coalition of people for salmon, we never go it alone. Our mission is to conserve salmon for the benefit of generations to come.



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