International paddleboard brand Red Paddle Co has just announced they have become a certified B Corp. They join an ever-growing group of organizations that are committed to prioritizing the environment and society within every aspect of their business.

The impressive status has come as the company celebrates its 15th anniversary. It shows the brand’s commitment to taking steps to be more responsible in all areas of their business, as head of design, Phil Hawthorne explains:

“Since day one, we have been committed to taking steps to be more responsible in everything we do, from product to people. For us, becoming a certified B Corp is an exciting next step on that journey. It was a long and rigorous process in which we were independently assessed across every aspect of our business to ensure the very highest standards are being met. It is more than just a rubber stamp, once you’ve been certified as a B Corp, it is a legally binding commitment to ensure we are doing what we promise.”

B Corp is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. For Red, this certification is an important development in their ongoing commitment to being more responsible. Something that runs deeply throughout the whole organization.

Hawthorne continues, While we’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved by being certified as a B Corp, this is just one part of our journey. It is a giant leap on our path to continually improve and innovate everything we do.”

Read Red’s B Corp Impacts score here:

To find out more about Red and their environmental and social commitments read their latest Impact Report here.


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