Kokopelli is an outdoor adventure brand that elevates experiences by making it easier to venture further. Dedicated to cultivating a community that supports an appreciation of the outdoors, Kokopelli has designed Chasm-Lite: the lightest and most packable standup paddleboard (SUP) ever. Take it along no matter what kind of water you are about to explore, whether it is an alpine lake or a gushing river in the backcountry.

Kokopelli Chasm-Lite
Image: Kokopelli

Packing down to the size of a sleeping bag, at just 18″ tall when fully packed and weighing only 12.9-lbs., the Chasm-Lite fits into almost any nook and cranny you can think of:

  • Into a backpack,
  • Beneath your back seat,
  • In a small closet,
  • In a hand suitcase…

The Chasm-Lite comes with everything you need to quickly get onto the water:

  • 10-ft. inflatable SUP,
  • Collapsible, 4-piece carbon fiber paddle,
  • Nano Barrel Pump,
  • 9-inch fin,
  • Waterproof Dry-bag Backpack,
  • Emergency repair kit.
Kokopelli Chasm-Lite
Feature Image: Kokopelli

A key objective of the Chasm-Lite is to offer ultimate portability, which is why Kokopelli designed the lightest and most packable SUP in the industry, which reduces storage space and shrinks down to a size that is ideal for taking on the road. Meanwhile, Kokopelli put a great deal of focus on The Chasm’s safety and security.

Thus, no coincidence, Gear Junkie awarded Chasm-Lite Best in Show at the 2022 Outdoor Retailer Show.

Kokopelli Chasm-Lite rolled up
Image: Kokopelli

Additional info about The Chasm-Lite

The Chasm-lite SUP was named after Chasm Lake which sits at the base of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak is visible from Kokopelli’s headquarters in Longmont, Colorado, and was the inspiration behind creating an ultra-lightweight packable standup paddleboard that could be carried into serene remote alpine lakes.

About Company

Kokopelli was established under the solitary tenet of creativity. This meant that the company’s initial efforts were entirely directed upon improving its packrafts. The emphasis on developing the sport through three fundamental pillars—performance, education, and community—has evolved as they have grown. Performance entails the ongoing development of high-end packrafts built of cutting-edge materials, with design and user experience being their main priorities. Through appropriate instruction and safety training, they aim to responsibly develop the sport through both their own efforts and those of their affiliated partners.

Kokopelli is highly aware of the particular nature of packrafting as a sport and the special connection that each packrafter in the area has with one another as a result of their shared enthusiasm for this magnificent activity.

Kokopelli logo
Image: Kokopelli


“The Chasm-Lite” is currently in its crowdfunding stage and is available for backers on Kickstarter with a starting price of $749.



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