Eric Jackson’s Forward Stroke Clinic (Video)

Important advice from our favorite paddling Jedi

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When it comes to the art of whitewater kayaking, Eric Jackson has been best in class for as long as we can remember and, heck, he is still competing as one of the world’s best in the discipline of extreme slalom.

Roughly a decade ago, he came out with a series of instructional paddling videos for all levels of kayakers. These videos have proven to be timeless classics and unrivaled in the knowledge they exude.

In this tutorial, EJ walks us through the fundamentals of the forward stroke; how to effectively harness power and avoid bad habits that’ll slow you down. This might all seem simple enough for the seasoned kayaker, but we think you might be guilty of falling into some of these speed traps.

These tips will be valuable for springtime training, as we move to condition our bodies for the upcoming paddling season. Make sure to bring your technique back to basics from time to time, to ensure you’re not developing lazy habits.

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  1. Another lovely video from Eric Jackson. It’s not easy to take a complex subject and simplify it without dumbing it down. He does it with ease. In my book, that’s a sign not only of a great paddler, but more importantly, an excellent and very thoughtful instructor. Five stars.

  2. Great commentary on torso rotation and stroke action….EVERY kayaker, not just whitewater paddlers, should be aware of this and learn it. SO many videos show paddlers doing it wrong! Nice job with this video.


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