Moose Hunting In The Yukon From A Canoe

Inspired by the memory of good friend Andrew Brose, Aaron Hitchins and Will O’Brien take to the Yukon wilderness in pursuit of Moose, Arctic Grayling, and adventure.

Flying in upstream of dangerous whitewater, without a guide, they find themselves up against harsh elements and unknown circumstances. Lacking the capabilities to do it on their own, they must rely on each other to succeed, and survive.

Read the full story here, and watch the film below.


  1. It’s a pretty good movie but it is dishonest that it is portrayed as an unsupported canoe hunt…. They clearly have a support crew with a big raft. No one should take a single canoe and load it with the weight they pretend to have in it and go through whitewater. To pretend this is a survival story, then show the support team is ridiculous and ruins the movie to some degree. Without a guide? Technically, maybe but the dishonesty in the premise is silly, needless and takes away from what is a very good story on its own.

  2. Ouch. Pretty harsh comment. Clearly there is a film crew it’s evident from the get go, but don’t let the impossibility of a great story ruin it for the rest. I thought the film was very well done and was a great adventure to follow along with. I am about to embark on a canoe Moose hunt on a lake and stumbled across this video as a result. These boys are eager and skilled, and have created a master piece story. Nothing more. No need to ruin it. Well done !

    • Maybe I was a bit harsh and I did enjoy the movie… but a big moose broken down adds a good 700 pounds to your boat and to try a 12-1300 pound load with a normal volume canoe in white water scares me… I wouldn’t want folks to think this is safely doable for normal mortals.


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