Bluewater Prospector 17 Review

It’s rare that a paddler enjoys the portage as much as the paddle, but that’s just what Bluewater Canoe’s lightest weight Prospector promises. Weighing a carefree 41 pounds, this 17-foot lakewater tripping canoe is an easy walk in the woods.

“It wasn’t that long ago when a light boat couldn’t be very strong, now you can have your cake and eat it too,” says Brent Wood, operations manager at Mid-Canada Fiberglass, parent company to Bluewater.

Manufactured in an ultralight Golden Brawn lay-up, this canoe consists of three layers of Kevlar and e-glass, a mixture of Kevlar and glass. “The blend creates strength, impact and abrasion resistance, as well as rigidity,” says Wood.

The Prospector has long been heralded as the first choice of wilderness canoeists but each manufacturer has its own unique version of the traditional design. “We designed our 17-foot Prospector to be a hybrid. It was designed on the success of Bluewater’s popular Saugeen series, and we incorporated some of the Scott Prospector’s ease of use.” Wood adds that this design is narrow in the paddler stations for efficiency and boasts increased depth. “It’s a very efficient, stable family canoe.”

It’s the shallow-arch hull that provides ample stability for newcomers, yet also a feel that experienced canoeists enjoy. With just an inch and a quarter of rocker, Bluewater’s design has less rocker than traditional, river-ready Prospector designs, creating enhanced tracking. Thanks to its symmetrical shape, it can be paddled solo as well…

This article originally appeared in Canoeroots & Family Camping,  Summer/Fall 2013. To read the rest of this review, download our free iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch App or Android App or read it here.

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