Aquaglide’s Chelan 155 HB XL has the speed, tracking capabilities and design elements paddlers want in a light touring tandem design, and then some.

Aquaglide Chelan 155 HB XL
Assembly Time 10 minutes
Paddlers 1 – 3
15 ft 5 in
36 in
35 lbs
$1,099.95 USD

The Chelan 155 arrived at our office in a 28- by 24- by 20-inch box, about the size of a large suitcase. The 155 is the big brother to Aquaglide’s smaller Chelan touring designs, the Chelan 120 and 140, a solo design and smaller tandem respectively. The whole series combines tough Duratex tube construction with rigid floors for durable and long-lasting designs.

After inflating its three chambers to the recommended six psi, we installed the seats. The Chelan 155’s seats provide lots of features, including a cushy inflatable cushion, high backrest, integrated mesh storage pockets on the seat backs and integrated fishing rod holders. The seats are secured via Velcro and straps.

Two black Velcro strips run the length of the floor, which means the seats can be easily moved to trim the kayak and adjust configuration—solo, tandem or even tandem facing one another—then secured with clips to the many lash tabs along the length of the boat. Our tester model also came with an inflatable jump seat for a junior paddler. Unique footrests attach to the same Velcro floor strips.

Aquaglide-Chelan-155-HB-XL-seat-1024x684.jpgThe thoughtful features on the Chelan 155 don’t end there. Splash guards at either side of the cockpit help keep paddlers dry. Comfortable molded handles make transport easy and a removable fin helps with tracking. 

The Chelan 155 has a long waterline, just a little rocker, and sharp plastic bow contributing to impressive glide on the water. It’s been designed with lake touring in mind, and also to handle class II rapids and friendly ocean conditions.

Aquaglide Chelan 155 HB XL bThis spacious kayak offers ample room for multi-day tours. Think 600-pound capacity, storage underneath the decks for mid-sized drybags, bungees on the decks, lots of room and accessible tie down options along the length of the boat for securing gear. Tandem paddlers would need to be thoughtful in their packing, but a solo paddler can pretty much bring everything they’d put in a canoe.

For paddlers adventuring in colder climates who are looking for more protection or for those who just prefer a closed-deck kayak, there’s an optional accessory spraydeck. Comes with Aquaglide’s convenient travel backpack.


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