The Bliss-Stick RAD (Radically Aerial Device) is a revolutionary freestyle weapon offering performance and comfort. Designed for huge air, the RAD is also a fantastic conventional cartwheeler and an extremely capable river runner.

Bliss-Stick RAD 175 / 185 Specs
Length: 5’10.5” / 6’2”
Width: 25.6” / 26”
Volume: 41.8 / 54 gal
Weight: 34 / 34 lbs
MSRP: $1,099 USD or $1,399 CAD

First run with the Bliss-Stick RAD

Get in the lotus position

The Bliss-Stick RAD 185 is without question the fattest boats we’ve ever tested (fat like Albert, not phat like the spoiler on your Honda Civic). The knee box area is super deep and wide, providing massive amounts of lotus position space.

The seat raises your knees into an aggressively strong position in the thigh braces. Advanced paddlers suggest lifting the seat to help overcome the depth of the cockpit. The RAD is virtually unflippable paddling downriver.

Pro perspective

“Dude, this thing rocks a wave.” In addition to startling speed, the Bliss-Stick RAD has about 1,020 square inches of planing surface, 20 percent more than the next largest, the Pyranha S6F and the Liquidlogic Big Wheel.

Speaking of aerial moves, we should mention that at the recent Pre-Worlds in Australia, the RAD paddlers were exploding from the hole with the biggest loops. Packed with loop volume in the bow opposite a slicier stern (relatively speaking), the RAD is super unbalanced, knocking some ends.

If you seek to get more than variety points for cartwheels, getting forward seemed to help, as would a little down-home bow crushing. Half the battle to winning competitions is staying in the hole—with the RAD’s volume you’ll be happily tumbling upstream.

Summing up the Bliss-Stick RAD

Pros: Loops you silly. Spacious cockpit. Mammoth planing surface.

Cons: Rapping knuckles and elbows on the cockpit. Unbalanced cartwheels.

This article was first published in the Summer 2004 issue of Rapid Magazine. Subscribe to Paddling Magazine’s print and digital editions, or browse the archives.



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