Is it a kayak or a SUP? The Hobie Mirage i11S is both. This paddleboard-kayak hybrid is ideal for grab-and-go adventures after work. Throw camping gear or a crate in the back, grab a fishing rod and enjoy a night or weekend away.

i11S has the best of both worlds

The Mirage i11S packs plenty of luxury features into its low-profile design, including a hand-operated rudder control and optional fin is to assist with tracking.

Hobie Mirage i11S hand-operated rudder

Hobie Mirage i11S Specs
Assembly Time: 12 minutes
Length: 11’3”
Width: 39”
Material: PVC
Weight: 64 lbs
MSRP: $2,519 USD / $3,696 CAD

The Mirage i11S comes with a four-piece paddle with an aluminum shaft, but Hobie’s pedal drive system is the real star of this inflatable show. The MirageDrive 180 offers hands-free propulsion—its flexible fins propel from below providing forward motion with each pedal stroke.

Pull the system’s toggle and you go in reverse—that’s the 180 part. The i11S offers the power of a Hobie Mirage system, without having to load and launch a heavy kayak.

The base weight of the kayak is just 35 pounds, which swells to 64 pounds with the MirageDrive system and seat.

Outfitting fits like a glove

The Vantage CTi seat is something to write home about. It features a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame. On the back is a knob controlling a cable-adjusted lumbar support, and the angle of the seat back is controlled on-water via a lever on the right.

Hobie Mirage i11S Vantage CTi seat

The seat has two height levels, but it must be removed from the boat to adjust from high to low. On shore, you can even use the Vantage CTi as a beach chair.

Hobie Mirage i11S bungees and D-rings

The i11S’s flat, drop stitch reinforced floor with two outer pontoons improves stability and provides an open and stable platform which means to us, more room for camping gear and fishing tackle.

Use the bungees and D-rings to secure everything in place. Need to get something? Stand, turn around, bend down and even walk to the bow without hardly a wobble or a bobble.

More than meets the i11S

Want to transition the i11S to a paddleboard? No problem. Just take out the MirageDrive, insert the plug, and remove the chair and the i11Ss is a capable board. Rather fish than paddle?

Popular with kayak anglers is removing the MirageDrive unit and replacing it with a Torqueedo motor unit to troll or speed off to the next fishing grounds.


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