Calling all adventure seekers. Whether you’re exploring high alpine lakes, need a river shuttle for your bikepacking adventures, or simply want the convenience of being able to store your kayak in a breadbox, Kokopelli’s Rogue-Lite delivers big action in a six-pound package.

Kokopelli Rogue-Lite Specs
Assembly Time 3-12 minutes
7 ft 
37 in
Urethane-coated nylon
6 lbs
$825 USD

With the Rogue-Lite, Kokopelli has created an ultra-lightweight, one-person, inflatable packraft capable of handling lakes and rivers that can also be packed onto the front handlebars. No small feat.

Like many minimalist packraft set-ups, the Rogue-Lite’s storage bag doubles as its inflation bag and pump. There’s some technique to master here but try it a few times and inflation happens faster. Even after a few tries, we’re still five minutes off the three-minute inflation estimate Kokopelli suggests. A fun challenge and certainly not a deal breaker.

The Rogue series is the first in the Kokopelli lineup to offer a Kevlar-reinforced floor system to maximize durability while reducing weight and packing size. One of the main differences between the Rogue-Lite and its predecessor is the original Rogue comes with a spraydeck, adding extra comfort and protection from the elements but also half a pound.

Both Rogues feature slight rocker in the bows and large-volume sterns, boasting excellent maneuverability and stability in flat water and on gentle rivers. With a waterline less than seven feet, the Rogues wouldn’t be your first choice for high-mileage lake routes.

Kokopelli Rogue-Lite [ A ]

Kokopelli has included four strategically placed nylon loop D-rings for secure gear storage and just enough space in the Rogue-Lite to make it suitable for ultralight multi-day trips.

The innovative 21-inch-long Tizip, optional on the Rogue-Lite, makes this packraft even more versatile, giving paddlers access to the inside of the packraft’s pontoons to stuff more gear. Use with drybags, just in case, of course.

Kokopelli Rogue-Lite
Kokopelli Rogue-Lite | Photo: Michael Hewis

The four-inch-thick inflatable seat cushion keeps paddlers comfortable and offers a bit of height, improving paddling position. Kokopelli notes the Rogue-Lite does not come with the Rogue’s backband, but says, “leaning—chilling—against the stern or your backpack is comfortable and cool.”

Kokopelli Rogue-Lite | Photo: Michael Hewis


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