Sawyer Paddles’ New SUPer Styk

Get an exclusive look at Sawyer's hot new whitewater SUP paddles.

Designed in collaboration with professional paddler Paul Clark, these gorgeous whitewater SUP paddles from Sawyer Paddles and Oars are designed for paddlers of all skill levels.

“We’re really pushing into whitewater SUP,” says Sawyer’s Zac Kauffman. “We’ve been working closely with Hala and have a handful of paddlers that paddle for them and us because that’s what’s going on on the West Coast.”

The SUPer Styks have straight blades for effective directional and momentum control, says Kauffman. They also excel in lateral paddle strokes, feathering, and providing a stable bracing platform.

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The wood blade is reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber for extra strength, with the perimeter edged in Dynel Tough Edge. Blade dimensions are 7.25 by 19 inches.

The Super Styks are offered in three constructions

Canyon SUP: Wood whitewater SUP paddle, with Douglas fir shaft and T-grip. The shaft is impressively flexible.
Glass SUP: Fiberglass whitewater SUP paddle, with a straight shaft and slight scoop on power face for more power, plus a T-grip.
Carbon SUP: Carbon whitewater SUP paddle, with carbon fiber reinforced straight shaft, and a slight scoop on blade power face for more power.


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