Sneak Peek: New Performance Footwear


Astral is adding to their footwear collection this year, and our favorite of their new shoes is the 2015 Loyak. The Loyak is a super low, lightweight shoe that’s slim enough to jam into a kayak without compromising durability and grip. We plan to wear these minimalist moccasins on the river and around town.

astral loyak



The Crush from NRS is a versatile new option. You can pull them on and tie them up or just step on the heel to wear as a slip on without damaging the structure of the shoe. They have a smooth interior for comfortable barefoot use and a solid sole for good traction on shore. They’re available in different colors and sizes for men and women. Stay tuned for a post about the expedition-worthy Velocity, another new NRS offering.

NRS Crush 



Chaco’s new Outcross Evo line has three different options depending on your type of activity. The Evo 1 is a lightweight version with a crushable heel so it can be slipped on and off easily. The Evo 2 is a slightly heavier-duty option with a bit more support and stability for trail use, but still has great drainage for use in the water. The third and burliest Evo 3 is a more trail-focused design with great support for the portage trail.



Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry’s ultimate water shoe, the H20 Escape, is being updated for 2015 with a whole bunch of new colors and the same reliable design. Its footbed is full of tiny holes to let water run through so the shoes drain unwanted water quickly and dry in no time after they’re wet. They’re made with Sperry’s signature sole for great traction.




In addition to their classic designs, KEEN is beefing up their line of performance shoes for 2015. The new Zambezi is made for kayakers and rafters. It has a high-traction sole for grip on wet rocks. The webbing strap does up with a single clip—adjust the fit the first time you wear them and then just clip them on and off. The Gorgeous, another new shoe from KEEN, has a similar build but with an integrated 2mm neoprene bootie so you don’t need a separate sock for insulation.

KEEN Zambezi


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