Ferrying is a way to cross a river with current. It is an important skill to learn because it gives you the ability to move from eddy to eddy without moving too far downstream. This makes moving downstream safely a lot easier.

First, you need to look where you want to go. You need an exact spot that you are paddling toward.

Next, you need to choose your boat angle for crossing the eddyline. Factors like water-speed and the distance between two eddys will play a role in this decision. You also need to decide what speed you will use when approaching the eddy.

Once you get into the current, it is all about paddling. Smooth, strong strokes are your friend. The ferry isn’t over until you have reached the eddy on the other side.

You must consider the speed of the water and the power of the eddyline. These are the two main factors, they influence your boat angle and the edge as you enter the eddy.

Watch the video below for more in depth directions on how to ferry in current:


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