Fat biking 

Many parks across North America now offer specifically maintained trails to suit fat bikes, along with difficulty levels befitting their riders.

Fat biking has become a popular sport amongst outdoors enthusiasts of all varieties. There are those who do it as a recreational escape, and those who have a more utilitarian use, such as for hunting.


If you have a favourite trail during the summer months, you’ll likely enjoy that trail just as much in the winter. Steep hills and deep snow be-damned, it’s hard to beat the glistening trees and utter silence winter holds in its deepest of sleeps.

Ice Skating

A winter tradition we couldn’t possibly discount. There are skating rinks in every city, small town, and hamlet across all continents that experience the brisk snap of Jack Frost. Perfect for individuals, families and couples, ice skating is a staple winter activity for all generations.

Cross Country Skiing 

You don’t have to drive miles out of any given city to find recreational areas teeming with cross country skiing opportunities. If you think self-propelled skiing isn’t enough excitement, why not start training for a biathlon? Originating from military training, biathlon combines cross country skiing with rifle shooting, and since 1960 has been recognized as an Olympic Sport. A touch ambitious as just a hobby, but intriguing non the less.

Snowboarding/Downhill Skiing 

I’m sure snowboarders and skiers alike are cringing at the fact we grouped the two downhill methods together. Purists aside, both activities have their own pros and cons, and there’s no better time than the wintertide to get out there, rent some gear and try whichever ones less expensive.

Get Gear Organized 

While some paddlers are just itching for the next season, some use the present time to plan for the future. You leave home in the dark, you get home in the dark. What does this mean for you? Buy extra Dot-It lights to brighten up that dark gear room, and start straightening ship. Label makers are reserved for the very beginning of the shoulder season when you start getting desperate.

Trip Plan and Make New Paddling friends 

You now have all of this time where you’re not shaming yourself if you aren’t paddling. That doesn’t mean you should ever stop thinking about paddling though. Have you thought about who you can drag on adventures this year? Why not reach out to locals where you’re planning your next paddling extravaganza, they may be willing to share spots, or hell, even join you.


We’re all about staying limber. Check out our article “4 Awesome Yoga Poses Every Kayaker Should Know”  — Yes it’s for kayakers, but your fluid paddling won’t be tainted by it. Have yoga poses you’d recommend for canoeists specifically? Share them with us!


Albeit a more expensive recreational choice, snowmobiling can lead to some pretty incredible places and experiences your car is not capable of, and distances your legs simply can’t take you.

Ice climbing 

A niche sport if there ever was one, but like most pastimes, ice climbing can be made to accomodate all skill levels. There are outfitters everywhere who tailor to your needs and limitations of the icy ascents. Plus, if you get addicted, you can transition to rock climbing to make your canoe trips that much more interesting.

What are some of your favorite past times during the short days of winter? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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