1. In Boat Design Terms, Rocker Refers To The Curvature Of The Hull At The Bow And Stern. Generally, a canoe with lots of rocker is more maneuverable and better able to ride up and over waves, so expect more rocker on river running designs. All other aspects being equal, the trade-off for more rocker is less tracking and speed.

2. For Most People, Rocker Is Synonymous With A Fan Of Rock Music. According to Forbes, three of the 10 highest-paid musicians in 2017 were extreme rockers Guns N’ Roses ($84 million), Bruce Springsteen ($75 million) and Metallica ($66.5 million). It’s proof good rock will never die.

3. The World’s Largest Rocking Chair Is A Towering 56.5 Feet Tall And Located In Casey, Illinois. It’s across the street from the world’s largest wind chimes (42 feet) and down the street from the world’s largest pencil (76 feet). #podunk

4. Asymmetrical Rocker. Usually more rocker in the bow than the stern—is popular in many touring and race designs and offers the benefits of a rockered bow with increased forward speed and tracking. Asymmetrical rocker hair is a hairstyle where one side is much shorter than the other.

5. The “Rock On” Hand Gesture—Index and pinky fingers raised and thumb clasped against the two middle fingers—was popularized by singer Ronnie James Dio, who joined Black Sabbath after Ozzy Osbourne’s departure in 1979. Also called devil’s horns, the gesture caused panic amongst Christian parents who believed rock music was the work of the devil.

6. Nineteenth-century gold miners used troughs called rocker boxes which could be rocked back and forth to separate soil from gold. These were popular with prospectors because they were portable but held more earth than a traditional pan.

7. The Phrase “Off Your Rocker” Refers To Someone Mentally Unsound Or Extremely Foolish. In 2012, now 96-year-old pop culture icon Betty White released a hit hidden camera TV show by the same name, featuring seniors playing pranks on young people.

8. Dwayne Johnson, More Commonly Known By His Wrestling Name, The Rock, Is The Ninth Most Popular User On Instagram With 103 Million Followers. He was named Forbes’ highest paid actor of 2016, making $65.5 million the year prior. Not bad for a guy who got his start as a fanny-pack-wearing Sunshine Boy in the Calgary Sun newspaper.


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