Pro Kayakers vs. Whirlpools

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you pair up world-class kayakers with some of the most powerful whirlpools on the Ottawa River? Luckily, the Senders crew consisting of Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern have tested these waters.

Check out their video highlight reel that also includes pro kayakers Dane Jackson, Nouria Newman, Alec Voorhees and Rush Sturges.

“I feel you’re going to see some very interesting beat downs today and just know the river doesn’t care who you are. I’m sure everybody is going to get the beat down and I’m looking forward to that” Mattern mentions at the beginning of the video.

Dane Jackson actually gets held underwater for the longest amount of time and the commentary between Orton and Mattern is hilarious.

Bren Orton: “Alright here we go. Dane Jackson, the world’s best kayaker dropping into the whirlpools. Nice 360, oh he surprised himself. He’s going for the 720, look at the look of joy on his face, into the stern end, catching the whirlpool and getting some downtime. This is sick. Swirling around down there, popping back up, and looks like his ride is all over. Oh my God, it’s going to get him again. Oh my God, he’s back down again.”

Adrian Mattern: “Oh no Dane-o!”

Bren Orton: “He is not having the fun that was promised to him. He’s not. Oh my God. Get out of there Dano! Get out of there! DANE-O! Oh my God, dude, he’s going into China. Oh, it’s gonna get him again. Nope. No, he’s out.”

Adrian Mattern: “Nope he is back in”

Bren Orton: “Oh God, I can’t watch it. Oh my God. Yeah. No. Oh my God. Still fighting for it. Pops up. Finally gets a breath.”

Orton mentions, “some important things for viewers back home. We sort of know what we’re doing. Whirlpools are awesome fun. There’s just one golden rule and that is to never exit your Kayak in a whirlpool because things will go much, much worse.”

Paddling Magazine does not recommend trying anything in this video unless you have had proper instruction and have proper safety on the river.

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