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Dane Jackson had another year packed with kayaking adventures. We saw numerous photos and video clips from trips to India, Chile, Mexico, Zambia and pretty much anywhere else he had time to go. Those following Dane on Instagram would be familiar with how much time he spends on the road travelling to the next destination. All signs of someone who is truly chasing a passion. We caught up with Dane to get some insight on his past 2018 season.

Dane Jackson in 2018 highlight reel
Photo: Courtesy of Dane Jackson

Biggest personal accomplishments of 2018

It was another year of just epic kayaking and new places. The 2 biggest things that stand out for me last year were finally taking the win at the Green Race, after getting 2nd multiple times and tying for 1st twice. Now that first win is out of the way I feel like I can really just give it hell in the future years. I want that sub 4 minute run! The second thing for me was getting to run one of my dream drops, 110ft Alexandra falls. It’s such a beautiful waterfall and perfect in so many ways. So getting to run that beast, and walking away fine after, especially after making the call to run it even after watching 2 friends get hurt on it a week previous. Made it such an incredible day and was a huge highlight for the year for me.

Favorite places you paddled in 2018

I was so stoked to finally get to do some awesome kayaking in India with the locals at the Malabar river festival, as well as do a little exploring. I also got to go back to Uganda and the Nile for an extremely heartbreaking trip where I actually missed one last chance to surf Nile Special by just 12 hours, as well as watching so many rapids getting flooded every day while the Isimba dam was filling the reservoir. Though I am so mad and broken with how the dam ended up coming to completion, I am so grateful I got to spend so much time growing up and recent years on that amazing river. So seeing the reservoir fill was a sad but crazy experience for me. I also was so fired up to get a few weeks on the Zambezi river in Zambia with Bren Orton. It is by far one of my favorite rivers the world, and getting to spend 3 weeks there was such an epic trip. With plans on that river being dammed as well, and just how unreal that river truly is, I plan on doing many more trips back in the near future.

Dane Jackson running Alexandra Falls
Dane Jackson running Alexandra Falls | Photo: Courtesy of Dane Jackson

Biggest challenge you faced in 2018

I would say it was that week sitting around while Bren Orton was in the hospital after running Alexandra, deciding whether or not I wanted to run the drop. Because Bren had an amazing line, but ended up knocking himself out and took a massive head to his head, most likely on his boat. So seeing that after a great line, made it really hard for me to make the call. But after a week of envisioning and inner conversations, I decided it was worth the risk, so having it come together made it all worth it.

New cameras you started using in 2018

January in Uganda was my final trip using my 7D after almost 10 years, and I made a huge technological jump to the G9 of which I have no regrets. Plus getting the GoPro 7 last fall got me stoked, I am stoked on a lot of the new features, the stabilization is legit and the hyperlapse is a lot of fun to mess with. I also have a pretty awesome brother in law who along with Jackson Kayak got me a Mavic Pro2 for Christmas. Which has been my favorite thing over the winter as I am getting so much dope content. Always stoked to get sendy with the drone, and can’t wait to use it all season. We are already getting some awesome stuff out west.

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