The Intex Explorer 200 is an inflatable dinghy best known to kids playing in the lake at their family cottage or splashing around in their home pool. It seems as though many would be familiar with this boat with some relatable childhood experience. And why wouldn’t they be? At a price point of $34 on it is an easy way for parents to distract their kids for a few hours.

The Amazon listing specifies that this inflatable boat is designed to fit two people, with a max weight of 210 pounds. It includes two oars, two air chambers for safety and is best used in pools or calm waters.


Well…when you search for the Explorer 200 on Youtube, you come across a variety of videos showcasing people pushing the limits of what this boat can really do. Some of these look like they would have been fun, others seem like absolutely terrible ideas.

It is important to note that we do not recommend this as a whitewater boat, but we had to share for the laughs. Far from the durability of rotomolded kayaks, its durability is suspect with one reviewer of the Intex Explorer 200 reporting they had “two good days with it. This would be good for a lake where there aren’t any sharp rocks, twigs etc.” Another user reported back,

“Don’t expect to control this thing.”

This is our collection of the top four Explorer 200 versus rapids videos we could find. Remember to always wear a PFD. Enjoy.

Explorer 200 Verses The Kenduskeag Stream

Video credit: David LaRiviere

We love the roll of duct tape seen at the beginning that will surely fix any damage that might happen to these boats on their way down river. It is good that at least one of these guys decided to wear a helmet. Though the rapids are not very large, the guy with the helmet hanging off the side of the boat might have found better paddle clearance if he actually had it on his head.

Intex Explorer 200 Versus The Thompson River

Video Credit: Logan Pehota

This video takes us to the Thompson River where we see Alex and Dalton crashing through some nice haystack waves. For a moment it actually looks like the Explorer 200 might catch a quick surf.

Intex Explorer 200 Versus The Arkansas River

Video Credit: Lawrence Nee

This just seems like a bad idea all together. At first glance, you may think this is not the Intex Explorer 200 that you know so well. Taking a look through the comments we get confirmation that this is indeed the classic orange boat that just has some added duct tape for additional abrasion resistance. Please note this is just part one (the best) of a three part series…enjoy.

Intex Explorer 200 Versus The Shenandoah River

Video Credit: PedroGoPro83

We love the decision to split the standard Explorer paddle into two pieces. This likely provided a lot more leverage through this set of non-technical rapids. The best part of this video, is when the paddler can be heard screaming “Wilson” after losing one of his paddle blades. This was obviously just as traumatic as Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) losing his best friend Wilson in the movie Castaway. We know you want to see that classic scene again so we have included it below.

Video Credit: Gene



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