With six beautiful rivers and 400 lakes and streams, Parc National du Mont-Tremblant is a paddler’s paradise. Kayaking options near Mont Tremblant include tranquil touring and camping on backcountry lakes, or whitewater kayak descents of the region’s famed rivers, including the mighty Rouge and exciting Diable.

Get started planning your Mont Tremblant kayak adventure today—we’ve rounded up the best places to kayak Tremblant below.

[This article is part of our 21 Adventurous Mont Tremblant Activities series. Learn more about where to hike, bike, paddle and sightsee around this peerless Quebec park.]

A kayaker paddling through river rapids
Whitewater kayaking options abound for all skill levels in Mont Tremblant National Park. | Photo courtesy of: Laurentides © Tourisme Québec // Christian Savard


Where to Kayak in Mont Tremblant

Rivière du Diable

Flowing north to south through much of the western portion of Mont Tremblant National Park, the Diable River is one of the park’s most popular routes for kayaking and canoeing. Beginning at Lac-aux-Herbes, kayakers can paddle the twists and turns of the upper Rivière du Diable along a 26-kilometer course of calm meanders, peaceful lakes and class I-II rapids. Experienced paddlers can run all 14 rapids at most water levels, or take the short portages to bypass the whitewater. This section can be run in a full day, or alternatively, more than 80 campsites scattered along the river and a park shuttle service make it easy to enjoy a one-way, overnight journey.

Novice kayakers or those wishing to extend their Diable River trip beyond the take-out at Lac Laplante can shuttle around a 7-km section of unrunnable rapids and falls and put-in below Chutes Croches. From here, the route continues an additional 21 km through Lac Monroe, Lac Chat and a selection of class I-III rapids, with an option to camp a final night before reaching the take-out at the Diable Sector park entrance. The 12-km run below Lac Chat to Mont de la Vache Noir is a popular half-day trip with only a few easy rapids.


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Beyond the national park, the Rivière du Diable flows more placidly through a rural landscape near Mont Tremblant village, offering easy Tremblant kayak journeys for beginners, nature lovers and families. This gentle section is bordered by inviting sandy beaches and offers 12- or 23-km route options (3-7 hours).

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Rivière Rouge, Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve

Just to the north of Mont Tremblant National Park, the vast Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve takes its name from the two main rivers that flow through here. Exciting day runs and multi-day routes in the spectacular upper valley of the Rouge River are a must for avid whitewater canoe trippers and kayakers. Bordering the west side of the wildlife reserve, experienced whitewater kayakers can shoot the continuous class II-IV rapids of the Rouge River’s famous 21 Milles (21 Miles) section.

Looking for a calm water kayaking adventure? Beginning at the villages of Labelle or L’Ascension, the Rouge River offers peaceful paddling, warm and shallow water, sprawling sand beaches and even a historic covered bridge, with downriver route options from 6 to 33 km. Plan a half to full day, depending on your route of choice.

Discover more opportunities for outstanding Rouge River Paddling Adventures.

L’Assomption River, Mont Tremblant National Park

The L’Assomption River kayak and canoe route begins at the north end of Lac de L’Assomption in Mont Tremblant National Park and travels 15 km through river and lake to the visitors centre at the park entrance. There are two whitewater sections with fast and fun class I rapids and swifts, then a class III-IV rapid followed by a pair of class II-III rapids just before the final campsite. Paddlers have an option to portage at each rapids. Day runs are possible, but many paddlers plan to camp one or two nights on the river—choose from 20 sites clustered at the beginning, km 5 and km 13 of the route.

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Lac Monroe, Mont Tremblant National Park

This beautiful mountain lake is located just inside the national park’s Diable Sector entrance, making it easily accessible for a short kayaking journey. Quiet paddlers can enjoy up-close encounters with the regal loons that call Lac Monroe home.

Lac Tremblant

Forested mountains border the sapphire waters of Lac Tremblant, making this narrow, 12-kilometer-long lake just 5 minutes from Mont Tremblant Resort one of the busier—but no less beautiful—lakes for Tremblant kayak adventures. Cast for muskie and bass or troll for lake trout. Or simply kayak along the lakeshore while enjoying the stunning views of the ski area and surrounding peaks.



Kayak Camping Mont Tremblant

Rivière du Diable, Mont Tremblant National Park

The upper section of the Diable River in Mont Tremblant National Park offers 26 km of rapids, river and lake kayaking with more than 80 campsites scattered along its course. The variety of camping and scenery makes a slower-paced descent of the river spread over 2 or 3 days a wonderful option for kayak campers.

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L’Assomption River, Mont Tremblant National Park

The L’Assomption River travels 15 km from Lac de L’Assomption to the visitors center at the national park entrance. Intermediate whitewater sections are interspersed with lake paddling and 20 campsites clustered at the beginning, km 5 and km 13 of the route. Most paddlers plan to camp one or two nights on the river.

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Rossi, Savane and L’Assomption Lakes, Mont Tremblant National Park

For lake-lovers seeking calm and solitude, the rustic paddle-in camping sites on the sandy shores of these three mountain lakes make great destinations for one or more nights.

Tucked away on the north side of the national park, Lac de la Savane and Lac Rossi offer 20 and 23 paddle-in campsites, respectively. Campsites are clustered in groups of four around both lakes, between 1 and 5 km paddle from the parking area and launch.

Kayak campers on the east side of Parc Mont Tremblant can choose from five wild camping areas nestled along the length of Lac de L’Assomption, between 1 and 5 km from the parking area/launch.

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Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve

This immense wildlife reserve just north of Parc National du Mont-Tremblant offers an extension of the rugged mountain and lake geography that has made its sister to the south so popular. Near the main reserve entrance at La Macaza, the Lac-des-Sucreries campground offers 40 semi-serviced sites by the lake of the same name. Seven more rustic camping areas are scattered throughout the reserve, each located on a lake or river.

For wild camping enthusiasts, Rivère Matawin is a jewel worth discovering. The peacefulness and variety of rapids and swifts make it an excellent river for intermediate kayakers, and numerous access points make for trip possibilities from a few hours to a few days. Prefer lake camping? Easily accessible Lac Cinq-Doigts offers open water and many quiet bays for kayak campers.

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Rivière Macaza

With its headwaters high in the Laurentians at Lac Cinq-Doigts in Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve, the meandering Rivère Macaza flows 27 km south to reach the Rouge River near the village of Macaza. It widens on three occasions to form Lac Sucreries, Lac Sapin and Lac Macaza. Between each lake, several class II-III rapids interspersed with the occasional class IV rapid challenge kayakers. Camping is best along the undeveloped upper reaches between Lac Cinq-Doigts and Lac Sucreries, and on these lakes themselves.


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Mont Tremblant Kayak Rental

Parc National du Mont-Tremblant

Rent single or tandem touring kayaks (plus canoes and SUPs) at one of nine locations within Mont Tremblant National Park. Rental centers are located at these popular lakes and campgrounds: Lac Monroe Visitors Centre, La Crémaillère Beach, Lac-Escalier Campground, La Pimbina Visitors Centre, Lac-Provost Rental Centre, Lac-des-Sables Campground, L’Assomption Visitors Centre, Grand-Pin Campground and La Cachée Visitors Centre. The park also offers a 4-hour, self-guided Diable River package that includes kayak rental and shuttle between Lac Chat and Mont de la Vache Noir (12 km).

Location: Mont Tremblant National Park
Phone: 800-665-6527
Website: www.sepaq.com/pq/mot/

À L’Abordage!

This popular Mont Tremblant kayak outfitter offers sit-on-top, single and double recreational kayak rentals (plus canoe and SUP rentals) and shuttle service for downriver adventures on the Rivière du Diable. This gentle, 12-km section of the river boasts beautiful sand beaches and begins with a stretch of fun and splashy class I rapids suitable for beginner kayakers. Available June to September, reservations strongly recommended.

Location: 1340 Rue Saint-Jovite, Mont-Tremblant
Phone: 819-322-1234
Website: www.alabordage.ca/en/

Mont-Tremblant Activity Centre

Located steps from Lac Tremblant in the Mont-Tremblant Resort village, the Activity Centre offers a huge range of outdoor adventure packages, including kayak rentals and shuttles for self-guided and guided explorations of the Diable River and Rouge River. The center rents recreational single and double kayaks, including sit-on-tops.

Location: 118 Chemin Kandahar, Mont- Tremblant
Phone: 819-681-4848
Website: www.tremblantactivities.com/

Camping de la Diable

Tucked in a peaceful meander of the Diable River, just steps to the amenities of Mont-Tremblant village, Camping de la Diable offers 360 riverside sites for tents, trailers and RVs, as well as rentals of solo and double kayaks (plus canoes and bicycles).

Location: 140 Rue Regimbald, Mont-Tremblant
Phone: 819-425-5501
Website: www.campingdiable.ca/home.html

Centre Nautique Pierre Plouffe

Explore Lac Tremblant at your own pace. This center is right on the lake and rents recreational single and double kayaks, including sit-on-top options (canoes and SUPs also available).

Location: 2900 Chemin du Village, Mont- Tremblant
Phone: 888-681-5634
Website: www.tremblantnautique.com/en/

Kayak & Cabana

Offers single or double recreational kayak, canoe and SUP rental and shuttle service for downriver adventures on the Rouge River—enjoy soft sandy beaches and calm waters on an 8 km, 12 km or 23 km route option. Kayak & Cabana also offers unique glamping cabins set in an enchanting riverside location just west of Mont Tremblant National Park.

Location: 2202 Chemin de Moulin, Labelle
Phone: 819-686-1111
Website: www.kayak-cabana.com/ca/


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Pause Plein Air

Dedicated rental and shuttle service offering kayak offering single or double recreational kayak, canoe and SUP rental and transport for your Rouge River adventure. Select your paddle craft, and then choose from 6 km, 12 km or 24 km route options (2 hours to a full day). This outfitter is located at the take-out, so you’ll begin with a shuttle and can then take as much time as you like meandering back to your car.

Location: 2123 Place des Toulipes, La Conception
Phone: 819-686-5880
Website: www.pausepleinair.com/en/

Descente de la Rouge

Offers kayak and canoe rental packages including shuttle and optional picnic lunch or post-paddle BBQ or pizza. Choose from 8 km, 12 km, 25 km or 33 km downriver route options. All routes travel a gentle section of the river known for its stunning sand cliffs, beautiful beaches and sandy islets.

Location: 2683 Chemin de la Rivière Nord, Rivière-Rouge
Phone: 819-275-1439
Website: www.descentedelarouge.com/

Aventure Quatre Saisons (Adventure Four Seasons)

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely day of kayaking or 2 to 5 days of paddle camping, this outfitter can get you set up for an unforgettable Rouge River adventure. Rent sit-on-top kayaks, SUPs or canoes for a 15-km descent of the gentle Rouge River (shuttle included).

Location: 4315 Chemin de la Rivière-Nord, Rivière-Rouge
Phone: 514-554-5091
Website: www.aventurequatresaisons.com/

Kayak touring on glassy water in Mont Tremblant National Park. | Photo courtesy of: Laurentides © Tourisme Québec // Matthew Clark


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