DIY Light-Up Clear Kayak (Video)

Coolest kayak ever?

This homemade fiberglass kayak uses LEDs to light up the night. After building a cedar-strip canoe, engineer and vlogger Xyla Foxlin wondered if she could build a clear kayak. Made out of fiberglass, this kayak is formed onto an existing kayak as a mold. It’s formed in two halves, with care taken to make the final result as clear as possible. The end result is a frosted look. A string of WS2812Bs LEDs are hooked up to an Arduino make for a light show. The 20-minute video goes into the meticulous details of the 14-day project.

Xyla writes: “This project was born out of the question I just couldn’t shake from my brain no matter how hard I shook: If I skip the wood part of a cedar-strip boat, will I get a clear fiberglass boat? If so, why don’t people do this instead of a dyed gel coat?”

This is Xyla’s second boat build. You can see her 30-day wood-strip canoe build below.

Of the wood-strip canoe build she writes: “I’ve been paddling the Adirondacks in cedar strip canoes with my aunt and uncle for as long as I can remember, so when my uncle offered to help me build my own canoe, I leapt at the opportunity. This was one of the most magical months of my life, getting to be up in Vermont learning from one of my favorite people. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. For those wondering: it took 30 days to build the canoe, another month to get a good final varnish coat (quarantine started though, so we slowed down), then three months to edit the video. The final boat is 43 lbs and 14 feet long.”


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