First Look: The Pyranha Firecracker Is Ready To Make Noise (Video)

A high riding bow and shorter length make this next-generation half-slice ready to shred the river

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Following on the heels of success with the Ripper series, Pyranha has unveiled their latest half-slice creation, the Firecracker.

According to Pyranha, the Firecracker has been somewhat five years in the making. When the UK headquarters was convinced by their US cohorts that paddlers would get a kick out of a creek boat bow with a squashed tail, they were hesitant it would take off the same way on the small rivers of the UK. They drew up the concept for a shorter design, and put it on the slow burner. What has come to be of Pyranha’s 7′ 11″ science project is intended to be well suited on low-volume rivers, catapult into downriver moves, and surfs just about any wave.

The Firecracker has been let loose, and Wade Harrison got his hands on the Pyranha kayak at the Chattahoochee Whitewater Park for this first look at what the explosive boat can do.


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