Australian canoe slalom champion Jess Fox has been the talk of the internet in recent weeks. Sure, she just bagged two Olympic medals and made history as part of a pioneering cohort of female Olympic competitors in canoe slalom—but what really seemed to spark the internet’s attention was this ingenious DIY boat fix of hers.

She posted the hilarious video on her TikTok channel with the text, “very stretchy, much strong” as the latex condom is stretched over the nose of the slalom kayak.

It appears the hull of the boat had come into contact with a wall or obstacle on the whitewater course and needed to be patched. She and her coach were able to patch up the end with some carbon mixture and seal the fix with the condom pulled over.


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Should you try this fix at home? Probably not–but we will commend Jess and her team’s resourcefulness and creativity in this less-than-ideal situation. Heck, it works!


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