3 Basic Tips For Getting Through Waves (Video)

Ocean waves can pack a punch—these tips will arm you with the best defense

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If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been on the receiving end of the ocean’s fury–perhaps more than once. Of course, even the most experienced paddler can still wipe out on a wave, but with training, determination, and a methodical approach, you can substantially lower your chances of losing control.

In the video, KayakHipster reveals his pro tips to easily kayak through waves with little resistance. One key learning is that a measured approach is the best approach; be sure to practice your technique on small waves and features before venturing out of your depth.

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  1. Great tips. I kayak on the west coast and are used to being thrashed by bigger waves. As you mentioned, heading directly at the wave is the best approach. Even a little angle can have you turned and heading back to the beach. Just as the wave approaches I always lean forward while reaching for the other side of the wave with my paddle and pull myself through. Never stop paddling.
    As fun as it may seem surfing back towards shore in a sea kayak is pretty risky. The best method is to sit on the back of the wave, just behind the crest, kind of like on a pillow, and follow the wave in.


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