An Ingenious Way To Store Your Canoe Or Kayak (Video)

The DIY storage solution you didn’t know you needed

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Looking to shield your kayak or canoe from the elements, but don’t fancy the extra clutter on your garage floor? Nick’s Life Outside is the man with the answers.

In his DIY boat storage tutorial, he’ll show you how you can put together a nifty little storage solution with just a few basic hardware store supplies. We’re not talking two-by-fours either; all you’ll need is s-rings, cam straps and a non-defeatist attitude.

First, screw two D-rings into a ceiling joist about three feet apart—or wider if you have an especially broad boat. Move several joists down and add a second set of D-rings, far enough from the first set to support your craft. Nick’s joists are easy to see, or you can use a stud finder to pinpoint the exact location.

man stores canoe in garage

Next, use S-hooks and cam straps to fashion two matching cradles suspended from the D-rings. These cradles will hold your boat, so make sure the hardware is properly rated for the weight, plus some wiggle room. Use the cam straps to ratchet your boat up and out of the way of your vehicle.

Cradle Works For Cleaning And Maintenance Too

Beyond storage, suspending your boat at shoulder height can make it easier to clean and maintain. Once in the cradle, Nick wipes down his canoe and treats it with some spray wax. “Just make sure whatever you use is all-natural,” he advises.

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  1. This is such a great way to hang a boat! I just implemented it in my garage for 20 min of labor and $7 for D rings. Thank you!


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