Kayaker Chased By Grizzly Bear (Video)

"Woah woah woah... backpaddle!"

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A terrifying encounter between a grizzly bear and a kayaker unfolded on the Elaho River in Squamish, British Columbia.

In the video, posted on Instagram by Corey Boux, the grizzly can be seen charging towards the kayaker as nearby whitewater rafters slow down and nervously watch. At the time of the incident in 2018, Boux was working as a tour guide from Wedge Rafting at Tag Whistler.


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The rafters can initially be heard hooting and hollering with excitement as they spot the majestic animal on the river bank. The sentiment of the group quickly turns from awe to fear as the bear begins to charge after the kayaker.

When the bear was approximately 5 metres away, the kayaker sprung into action and paddled furiously away.

Boux commented that the grizzly bear “was guarding a dead elk. It stood up, looked at the 3 rafts, looked at the kayaker and bolted after him. I’ve spent a f*** ton of time around grizzlies. They are pretty unpredictable, especially if guarding a food source.”


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