Mainer Keeps 30-Year Kayak Streak Alive Through Frigid Winter (Video)

Larry Merrill proves consistency, no matter the weather, is the key to longevity

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Mainer Larry Merrill, has kayaked at least once a month, every month, for the past 30 years. Merrill wasn’t going to let that streak come to an end just because of a little polar vortex.

In Larry Merrill’s words, he wasn’t the most gifted athlete growing up, but thanks to consistency, the 78-year-old is, frankly, outliving the competition. Merrill even crafts his own intriguing handmade paddles and has participated in numerous Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Races, as reported in this video from News Center Maine.

Paddling in cold weather provides its own set of unique challenges and safety concerns. Preparation is key for cold weather, including dressing in appropriate immersion gear. Read more tips on cold-weather paddling.


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