Have you ever found yourself, or your paddling partner, too exhausted to climb back on the paddleboard after a flip? Just like the name implies, the “flip rescue” technique could be an ingenious way to actively assist a paddler in need of support.

How To Practice The Flip Rescue

Start with the board upside down, get the arms of the swimmer over the rails so their armpits are on the rails of the board. The rescuer will then stand or kneel on the board, holding both the swimmer’s wrists firmly. The rescuer should then apply body weight to the opposite side of the board by falling backward and pulling on the victim’s wrists.

The board should flip and the swimmer should end up on the right side of the board, with the rescuer now in the water. Get the swimmer on their back and prone paddle them to shore, if able.

Video footage courtesy of @brancasterboards


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