As proven by the undying popularity of horror movies, we humans often get an odd thrill out of watching terrifying events—it’s how we’re wired. Especially when those incidents are relatable and close-to-home.

These videos also serve as a learning opportunity. Unlike Hollywood horror, the dangers of water are real. Watching rescues allows us the chance to stop and reevaluate our own safety tool kit. Do we have appropriate training and equipment? Would we have done anything differently? How could that situation have been avoided?

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10. Canoe Pinned Sideways With Father And Son Inside

An experienced canoeist was out tandem paddling with his nine-year-old son on a local class 2 section of river, when things took a sudden unexpected turn. Quite literally.
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9. Kayaker Trapped In A Strainer On The Cheoah Riverkayaker-tree-rescue

A kayaker became trapped in a strainer (a dangerous fallen or low hanging tree) and held on for survival, while her safety team got to work.
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8. Capsized Kayaker Is Rescued From Okanagan Lake

A music teacher from B.C. noticed a fellow kayaker had capsized and become stranded. As she approached him, she learned he was close to hypothermic. What happened next was paramount to his survival.
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7. Canoe Pin Rescue On Remote River
Canoe pinned on Petawawa river in Ontario

When two tandem canoeists entered one of the Petewawa River’s more challenging rapids, they didn’t expect they would be stuck in that same rapid for three hours.
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6. Raft Accidentally Plunges Over Waterfall
Raft Accident

The inexperienced rafters were using a rented raft, missed a turn and passed several other signs warning them not to proceed.
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5. Dane Jackson Rescues A Kayaker Stuck In A Cave
dane jackson rescues kayaker from a cave

Dane Jackson discovered a kayaker stuck in a cave behind a powerful waterfall. What he did next, well, it certainly wasn’t by-the-book. We can guarantee you’ve not seen a rescue like this one before.
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4. Kayaker Stuck Underwater Is Saved By Friends

When navigating technical whitewater, one wrong line can have devastating consequences. Luckily for this U.K. paddler, his crew was ready and equipped to extract him from his vertical pin quickly and efficiently.
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3. Terrifying Kayaker Pin At Three Amigos

This paddler was caught in an unlikely undercut that became a hazard at low water. Her team managed to extract her in 3.5 minutes. Read the full incident report on American Whitewater here.
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2. Kayaker Saved After Swimming Over A 60-Foot Waterfall

Two experienced kayakers set out to paddle a 20-foot waterfall that leads into a 60-foot waterfall. One kayaker swam on the first drop and found himself clinging to a wall in the water, just above the second massive waterfall. In this tense rescue, there was no room for error.
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1. Caught In A Sieve: Terrifying Footage Of Extreme Kayak Rescue

professional kayakers paddle Nevis Bluff Rapid prior to extreme kayak rescue

From circa 2015, this video still stands as one of the most bone-chilling rescue videos on the web. The video highlights one of the greatest fears kayakers have on the river: getting caught in a sieve.
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  1. Why does video two suggest he went over a fall without a boat when the video is about someone not going over a fall without a boat? Really. Please click on your own video link…the youtube title it take us to carries a caption opposite to the suggestion of the magazine. Almost like it was on purpose….


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