World’s Fastest Jet Canoe (Video)

These guys put two jet engines on the back of their canoe. Then they took it out for a rip der bud.

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If serenity isn’t your thing, power up your next adventure with two jet engines and a whole lot of speed.

YouTuber the Hacksmith demonstrates how to build the world’s fastest jet engine canoe. As it may be the only jet-powered canoe, there wasn’t a lot of competition for the title. The jet engines used for this canoe build, Hacksmith tells us, are the same ones he fitted onto a homemade jetpack. They had sat unused since, so the jetpack was disassembled and put to better use.

To make the jet canoe, the engines are tied together to propel the canoe in whichever direction the operator wants it to go, and they’re mounted high enough as to not blow exhaust onto the hull.

Thanks to movie magic, the build is completed in no time. The result can generate a total thrust of 143 lbs, and travel at 50km an hour. The engines are so powerful the stern is almost submerged under the pressure. That proved to be a problem for Hacksmith, who wanted to go faster but couldn’t, because the canoe would have completely dipped its engines into the water. However, any good voyageur would have just moved a barrel of whiskey forward in the boat.

Watch the video to find out how you can make the fastest canoe on the water.

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  1. You have a basic trim problem. Since the canoe was symmetric, turn the canoe and re-mount the engines on the other end. The same as you would if you were to paddle the canoe solo. Most of your trim issues would go away and you might be able to steer a little more effectively. You might still need some front ballast. Just saying.


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